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White Cow.png Brown Cow.png
Building Barn
Produce Milk.png MilkLarge Milk.png Large Milk

A Cow is an animal in Stardew Valley. Cows can be purchased from Marnie at Marnie's Ranch for Coin Icon1,500g, after owning a Barn. Cows come in two varieties: White and Brown.


Cows mature after 5 days, at which point they will produce Milk every morning. When friendship is high enough, they will produce Large Milk. Milk can be collected using a Milk Pail.

Image Name Description Price
Milk.png Milk A jug of cow's milk. Coin Icon125g
Large Milk.png Large Milk A large jug of cow's milk. Coin Icon190g


Cows can be sold. The selling price is dependent on how many hearts the animal has (Coin Icon1,950g max).