Egg Festival

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Egg Festival.png

The Egg Festival is a festival that takes place on the 13th of every Spring at 9:00AM in Pelican Town Square.

The villagers and the player participate in an Egg Hunt. This starts by talking to Mayor Lewis. The player must gather 9 colored eggs in 50 seconds, or else Abigail will win. If the player wins, they will receive a Straw Hat as a reward. If they already have this, they will receive Coin Icon1,000g.

When the festival ends, you will be returned home at 10:00PM.


Image Name Description Price
Plush Bunny.png
Plush Bunny It's big, it's soft, and it's cute. Coin Icon2,000g
Strawberry Seeds.png
Strawberry Seeds A sweet, juicy favorite with an appealing red color. Coin Icon100g


Egg Festival Mail.jpg


  • Elliot will say that "its nice to take a break from work once in a while" even though he has no job.
  • Before there was an egg hunt there was a rotten egg toss event. According to Sebastian, Mayor Lewis had removed the event entirely.