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The game begins with the farmhouse having only one medium sized room, containing a single bed, a fireplace, an old TV (either a Budget TV or Floor TV), various decorations depending on what farm style you've picked, and a floor mat of varying design. All except the fireplace and the bed can be moved at will. Flooring and Wallpaper are able to be changed using patterns bought from Pierre's or JojaMart. Each new room added when upgrading can have its own flooring and wallpaper patterns. New furniture can be added at any time.

Upgrades can be bought from the Carpenter's Shop at Robin's house.

Upon getting married, an extra room is added that is based on the spouse's style.

House (tier 1).png House indoors (tier 1).png


Outdoor Image Indoor Image Cost Changes
House (tier 2).png House indoors (tier 2).png Coin Icon10,000g

Wood.png Wood (450)

Adds a kitchen, with a fridge that functions as a chest, and a kitchen counter that allows cooking. Adds a bedroom. Upgrades bed from single to double. Allows marriage.
House (tier 3).png House indoors (tier 3).png Coin Icon50,000g

Hardwood.png Hardwood (150)

Adds two new rooms, one empty, and one with a crib and two single beds, thus allowing you to have children. Kitchen and bedroom are larger.
Basement Upgrade.png Cellar Inside.png Coin Icon100,000g Adds a cellar under the house, allowing access via the kitchen. The cellar houses casks which can age cheese and alcohol to increase quality and value.

Spouse Rooms


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added unique rooms for Shane and Emily when married. Introduced cellar house upgrade. Players can now apply wallpaper to hallways inside upgrade homes.