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Gourmet Chef is an Achievement obtained by Cooking every food recipe at least once. It will unlock the Archer's hat at the abandoned house.

Steam Icon Achievement Description Unlocks
Achievement Gourmet Chef.jpg
Gourmet Chef Cook every recipe.
Archer's Cap.png
Archer's Cap

Recipe Unlocking

Collections (Cooking).png

Cooking Channel

Many recipes become available from watching the Queen of Sauce Cooking Channel on Television. This table provides the list of recipes unlocked though the Cooking Channel and the original air date of each recipe.

Recipe Original Air Date
Stir Fry.png Stir Fry 7 Spring, Year 1
Coleslaw.png Coleslaw 14 Spring, Year 1
Radish Salad.png Radish Salad 21 Spring, Year 1
Omelet.png Omelet 28 Spring, Year 1
Baked Fish.png Baked Fish 7 Summer, Year 1
Pancakes.png Pancakes 14 Summer, Year 1
Maki Roll.png Maki Roll 21 Summer, Year 1
Bread.png Bread 28 Summer, Year 1
Tortilla.png Tortilla 7 Fall, Year 1
Trout Soup.png Trout Soup 14 Fall, Year 1
Glazed Yams.png Glazed Yams 21 Fall, Year 1
Artichoke Dip.png Artichoke Dip 28 Fall, Year 1
Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding 7 Winter, Year 1
Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake 14 Winter, Year 1
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie 21 Winter, Year 1
Cranberry Candy.png Cranberry Candy 28 Winter, Year 1
Pizza.png Pizza 7 Spring, Year 2
Hashbrowns.png Hashbrowns 14 Spring, Year 2
Complete Breakfast.png Complete Breakfast 21 Spring, Year 2
Lucky Lunch.png Lucky Lunch 28 Spring, Year 2
Carp Surprise.png Carp Surprise 7 Summer, Year 2
Maple Bar.png Maple Bar 14 Summer, Year 2
Pink Cake.png Pink Cake 21 Summer, Year 2
Roasted Hazelnuts.png Roasted Hazelnuts 28 Summer, Year 2
Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad 7 Fall, Year 2
Blackberry Cobbler.png Blackberry Cobbler 14 Fall, Year 2
Crab Cakes.png Crab Cakes 21 Fall, Year 2
Fiddlehead Risotto.png Fiddlehead Risotto 28 Fall, Year 2
Poppyseed Muffin.png Poppyseed Muffin 7 Winter, Year 2
Lobster Bisque.png Lobster Bisque 14 Winter, Year 2
Bruschetta.png Bruschetta 21 Winter, Year 2

Friendship Milestones

In order to obtain some recipes you will need to raise friendship with certain villagers, so that they will teach them via Mail or event.

Image Villager Friendship needed Recipes unlocked
Seven Hearts.png
Salad.png Salad (3 Hearts)Red Plate.png Red Plate (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Cheese Cauliflower.png Cheese Cauliflower (3 Hearts)Stuffing.png Stuffing (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Parsnip Soup.png Parsnip Soup (3 Hearts)Vegetable Medley.png Vegetable Medley (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Fried Calamari.png Fried Calamari (3 Hearts)Ice Cream.png Ice Cream (7 Hearts)
Three Hearts.png
Strange Bun.png Strange Bun (3 Hearts)Pepper Poppers.png Pepper Poppers (3 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Algae Soup.png Algae Soup (3 Hearts)Bean Hotpot.png Bean Hotpot (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Salmon Dinner.png Salmon Dinner (3 Hearts)Cranberry Sauce.png Cranberry Sauce (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Sashimi.png Sashimi (3 Hearts)Fish Taco.png Fish Taco (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Crispy Bass.png Crispy Bass (3 Hearts)Super Meal.png Super Meal (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Tom Kha Soup.png Tom Kha Soup (7 Hearts)
Nine Hearts.png
Chowder.png Chowder (3 Hearts)Escargot.png Escargot (5 Hearts)Fish Stew.png Fish Stew (7 Hearts)Lobster Bisque.png Lobster Bisque (9 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Pale Broth.png Pale Broth (3 Hearts)Rhubarb Pie.png Rhubarb Pie (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Cookie.png Cookie (4 Hearts Event)Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding (7 Hearts Event)
Seven Hearts.png
Spaghetti.png Spaghetti (3 Hearts)Eggplant Parmesan.png Eggplant Parmesan (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Fried Eel.png Fried Eel (3 Hearts)Spicy Eel.png Spicy Eel (7 Hearts)
Three Hearts.png
Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart (3 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Fried Mushroom.png Fried Mushroom (3 Hearts)Autumn's Bounty.png Autumn's Bounty (7 Hearts)
Seven Hearts.png
Pumpkin Soup.png Pumpkin Soup (7 Hearts)

Needed items Breakdown

A minimum of 77 different items are needed to cook all 71 dishes in game, 6 of which are dishes used as ingredients.


Image Name Amount needed Season Growth Time Notes Required for
Parsnip 2 Spring 4 Days Parsnip Soup.png Parsnip Soup (1)Farmer's Lunch.png Farmer's Lunch (1)
Garlic 2 Spring 4 Days Available from Year 2 Fiddlehead Risotto.png Fiddlehead Risotto (1)Escargot.png Escargot (1)
Potato 2 Spring 6 Days May yield extra units Hashbrowns.png Hashbrowns (2x1)
Kale 2 Spring 6 Days Harvested with Scythe Salmon Dinner.png Salmon Dinner (1)Stir Fry.png Stir Fry (1)
Blue Jazz.png
Blue Jazz 1 Spring 7 Days Lucky Lunch.png Lucky Lunch (1)
Green Bean.png
Green Bean 2 Spring 10 Days Grows on Trellis

Continues to produce every 3 days.

Bean Hotpot.png Bean Hotpot (2)
Cauliflower 1 Spring 12 Days Can become a Giant Crop Cheese Cauliflower.png Cheese Cauliflower (1)
Rhubarb 1 Spring 13 Days Seeds available on Desert Store Rhubarb Pie.png Rhubarb Pie (1)
Hot Pepper.png
Hot Pepper 2 Summer 5 Days Continues to produce every 3 days. Pepper Poppers.png Pepper Poppers (1)Spicy Eel.png Spicy Eel (1)
Radish 2 Summer 6 Days Red Plate.png Red Plate (1)Radish Salad.png Radish Salad (1)
Poppy 1 Summer 7 Days Poppyseed Muffin.png Poppyseed Muffin (1)
Red Cabbage.png
Red Cabbage 3 Summer 9 Days Available from Year 2 Fish Taco.png Fish Taco (1)Red Plate.png Red Plate (1)Coleslaw.png Coleslaw (1)
Tomato 6 Summer 11 Days Continues to produce every 4 days. Vegetable Medley.png Vegetable Medley (1)Pizza.png Pizza (1)Spaghetti.png Spaghetti (1)Eggplant Parmesan.png Eggplant Parmesan (1)Bruschetta.png Bruschetta (1)Fish Stew.png Fish Stew (1)
Melon 2 Summer 12 Days Can become a Giant Crop Pink Cake.png Pink Cake (1)Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad (1)
Blueberry 2 Summer 13 Days Produces multiple blueberries each harvest

Continues to produce every 4 days.

Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart (1)Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad (1)
Corn 2 SummerFall 14 Days Continues to produce every 4 days. Tortilla.png Tortilla (2x1)
Bok Choy.png
Bok Choy 1 Fall 4 Days Super Meal.png Super Meal (1)
Eggplant 2 Fall 5 Days Continues to produce every 5 days. Eggplant Parmesan.png Eggplant Parmesan (1)Survival Burger.png Survival Burger (1)
Beet 1 Fall 6 Days Seeds available on Desert Store Vegetable Medley.png Vegetable Medley (1)
Cranberries 4 Fall 7 Days Continues to produce every 5 days. Super Meal.png Super Meal (1)Cranberry Sauce.png Cranberry Sauce (1)Stuffing.png Stuffing (1)Cranberry Candy.png Cranberry Candy (1)
Amaranth 1 Fall 7 Days Harvested with Scythe Salmon Dinner.png Salmon Dinner (1)
Artichoke 2 Fall 8 Days Super Meal.png Super Meal (1)Artichoke Dip.png Artichoke Dip (1)
Yam 2 Fall 10 Days Glazed Yams.png Glazed Yams (1)Autumn's Bounty.png Autumn's Bounty (1)
Pumpkin 3 Fall 13 Days Can become a Giant Crop Autumn's Bounty.png Autumn's Bounty (1)Pumpkin Soup.png Pumpkin Soup (1)Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie (1)

Foraged Goods

Image Name Ammount needed Season Location Required for
Dandelion 1 Spring Pelican Town Salad.png Salad (1)
Leek 1 Spring Pelican Town Salad.png Salad (1)
Morel 1 Spring The Cave,Secret Woods Fried Mushroom.png Fried Mushroom (1)
Fiddlehead Fern.png
Fiddlehead Fern 1 Summer Secret Woods Fiddlehead Risotto.png Fiddlehead Risotto (1)
Common Mushroom.png
Common Mushroom 3 Spring,Fall The Cave,Pelican Town,Secret Woods Fried Mushroom.png Fried Mushroom (1)Tom Kha Soup.png Tom Kha Soup (1)Stir Fry.png Stir Fry (1)
Wild Plum.png
Wild Plum 2 Fall Pelican Town Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding (2)
Hazelnut 4 Fall Pelican Town Stuffing.png Stuffing (1)Roasted Hazelnuts.png Roasted Hazelnuts (3)
Blackberry 2 Fall Pelican Town Blackberry Cobbler.png Blackberry Cobbler (2)
Winter Root.png
Winter Root 1 Winter Pelican Town,The Mines Roots Platter.png Roots Platter (1)
Coconut 1 All Seasons Calico Desert Tom Kha Soup.png Tom Kha Soup (1)
Cave Carrot.png
Cave Carrot 5 All Seasons The Mines Survival Burger.png Survival Burger (1)Miner's Treat.png Miner's Treat (2)Roots Platter.png Roots Platter (1)Stir Fry.png Stir Fry (1)

Tree Fruit

Image Name Ammount needed Source Season Required for
Apricot 1 Apricot Tree Spring Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad (1)
Apple 1 Apple Tree Fall Cranberry Candy.png Cranberry Candy (1)

Animal Products

Image Name Ammount needed Source Notes Required for
Milk 11 Brown Cow.png Cows Obtain with Milk Pail Omelet.png Omelet (x1)Parsnip Soup.png Parsnip Soup (1)Complete Breakfast.png Complete Breakfast (1)Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding (1)Ice Cream.png Ice Cream (1)Pumpkin Soup.png Pumpkin Soup (1)Miner's Treat.png Miner's Treat (1)Artichoke Dip.png Artichoke Dip (1)Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie (1)Chowder.png Chowder (1)Lobster Bisque.png Lobster Bisque (1)
Egg 8 White Chicken.png Chickens Fried Egg.png Fried Egg (1)Omelet.png Omelet (1)Pancakes.png Pancakes (1)Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake (1)Rhubarb Pie.png Rhubarb Pie (1)Cookie.png Cookie (1)Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart (1)Crab Cakes.png Crab Cakes (1)

Artisan Goods

Image Name Ammount needed Source Input Item Producing Time Required for
Cheese 3 Cheese Press Milk.png Milk (1) 3.3 hours Cheese Cauliflower.png Cheese Cauliflower (1)Pizza.png Pizza (1)Pepper Poppers.png Pepper Poppers (1)
Mayonnaise 2 Mayonnaise Machine Egg.png Egg (1) 3 hours Fish Taco.png Fish Taco (1)Coleslaw.png Coleslaw (1)

Tree Syrup

Image Name Ammount needed Source Notes Producing Time Required for
Oak Resin.png
Oak Resin 1 Oak Tree Obtained through a Tapper 4-5 days Strange Bun.png Strange Bun (1)
Maple Syrup.png
Maple Syrup 1 Maple Tree Obtained through a Tapper 7-8 days Maple Bar.png Maple Bar (1)


Image Name Ammount needed Location Time Season Weather Difficulty Required for
Tuna 1 Ocean 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM Summer/Winter Any 70 Fish Taco.png Fish Taco (1)
Sardine 2 Ocean 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spring/Fall/Winter Any 30 Dish o' The Sea.png Dish o' The Sea (2)
Bream 1 River 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM All Seasons Any 35 Baked Fish.png Baked Fish (1)
Largemouth Bass.png
Largemouth Bass 1 Lake outside mines 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM All Seasons Any 50 Crispy Bass.png Crispy Bass (1)
Rainbow Trout.png
Rainbow Trout 1 River/Mountain 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM Summer Sunny 45 Trout Soup.png Trout Soup (1)
Salmon 1 River 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM Fall Any 50 Salmon Dinner.png Salmon Dinner (1)
Carp 4 Lake/Forest Pond/Sewers/Secret Woods Pond Anytime All Seasons Any 15 Carp Surprise.png Carp Surprise (4)
Sunfish 1 River 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spring/Summer Sunny 30 Baked Fish.png Baked Fish (1)
Eel 2 Ocean 4:00 PM - 2:00 AM Spring/Fall Rain 70 Fried Eel.png Fried Eel (1)Spicy Eel.png Spicy Eel (1)
Squid 1 Ocean 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM Winter Any 75 Fried Calamari.png Fried Calamari (1)
Sea Cucumber.png
Sea Cucumber 1 Ocean 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM Fall/Winter Any 40 Lucky Lunch.png Lucky Lunch (1)
Smallmouth Bass.png
Fish (Any) 2 Anywhere Anytime All Seasons Any N/A Sashimi.png Sashimi (1)Maki Roll.png Maki Roll (1)
centerg Seaweed 1 Ocean Anytime All Seasons Any 0 Maki Roll.png Maki Roll (1)
Green Algae.png
Green Algae 5 Mines/River Anytime All Seasons Any 0 Trout Soup.png Trout Soup (1)Algae Soup.png Algae Soup (4)
White Algae.png
White Algae 2 Mines/Sewer Anytime All Seasons Any 0 Pale Broth.png Pale Broth (2)

Crab Pot Items

Image Name Ammount needed Location Trap Chance Required for
Lobster 1 Ocean 5% Lobster Bisque.png Lobster Bisque (1)
Clam 1 Ocean 15% Chowder.png Chowder (1)
Crayfish 1 Freshwater 35% Fish Stew.png Fish Stew (1)
Crab 1 Ocean 10% Crab Cakes.png Crab Cakes (1)
Mussel 1 Ocean 35% Fish Stew.png Fish Stew (1)
Shrimp 1 Ocean 20% Tom Kha Soup.png Tom Kha Soup (1)
Snail 1 Freshwater 25% Escargot.png Escargot (1)
Periwinkle 2 Freshwater 55% Strange Bun.png Strange Bun (1)Fish Stew.png Fish Stew (1)

General Store Items

Purchased from Pierre at the General Store

Image Name Ammount needed Price per unit/Total Notes Required for
Sugar 16 100g/1600g Can also be produced with Beets in a Mill. Glazed Yams.png Glazed Yams (1)Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake (1)Pink Cake.png Pink Cake (1)Rhubarb Pie.png Rhubarb Pie (1)Cookie.png Cookie (1)Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding (1)Ice Cream.png Ice Cream (1)Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart (1)Cranberry Sauce.png Cranberry Sauce (1)Miner's Treat.png Miner's Treat (1)Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding (1)Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie (1)Blackberry Cobbler.png Blackberry Cobbler (1)Cranberry Candy.png Cranberry Candy (1)Poppyseed Muffin.png Poppyseed Muffin (1)Maple Bar.png Maple Bar (1)
Wheat Flour.png
Wheat Flour 21 100g/2100g Can also be produced with Wheat in a Mill. Baked Fish.png Baked Fish (1)Fried Calamari.png Fried Calamari (1)Strange Bun.png Strange Bun (1)Pizza.png Pizza (1)Pancakes.png Pancakes (1)Crispy Bass.png Crispy Bass (1)Bread.png Bread (3x1)Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake (1)Pink Cake.png Pink Cake (1)Rhubarb Pie.png Rhubarb Pie (1)Cookie.png Cookie (1)Spaghetti.png Spaghetti (1)Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart (1)Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding (1)Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie (1)Blackberry Cobbler.png Blackberry Cobbler (1)Poppyseed Muffin.png Poppyseed Muffin (1)Maple Bar.png Maple Bar (1)Crab Cakes.png Crab Cakes (1)
Rice 2 200g/400g Maki Roll.png Maki Roll (1)Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding (1)
Oil 11 200g/2200g Can be obtained with Oil Maker instead. Strange Bun.png Strange Bun (1)Fried Mushroom.png Fried Mushroom (1)Hashbrowns.png Hashbrowns (2x1)Crispy Bass.png Crispy Bass (1)Fried Eel.png Fried Eel (1)Stir Fry.png Stir Fry (1)Radish Salad.png Radish Salad (1)Bruschetta.png Bruschetta (1)Fiddlehead Risotto.png Fiddlehead Risotto (1)Crab Cakes.png Crab Cakes (1)
Vinegar 4 200g/800g Salad.png Salad (1)Parsnip Soup.png Parsnip Soup (1)Radish Salad.png Radish Salad (1)Coleslaw.png Coleslaw (1)

Cooked Dishes

The ingredients for these are included already on the previous listing. These are used as ingredients on another dishes.

Image Name Ammount needed Ingredients Required for
Fried Egg.png Fried Egg 1 Egg.png Egg (1) Complete Breakfast.png Complete Breakfast (1)
Hashbrowns.png Hashbrowns 2 Potato.png Potato (1)Oil.png Oil (1) Complete Breakfast.png Complete Breakfast (1)Dish o' The Sea.png Dish o' The Sea (1)
Pancakes.png Pancakes 1 Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)Egg.png Egg (1) Complete Breakfast.png Complete Breakfast (1)
Tortilla.png Tortilla 2 Corn.png Corn (1) Lucky Lunch.png Lucky Lunch (1)Fish Taco.png Fish Taco (1)
Bread.png Bread 3 Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1) Stuffing.png Stuffing (1)Survival Burger.png Survival Burger (1)Bruschetta.png Bruschetta (1)
Omelet.png Omelet 1 Egg.png Egg (1)Milk.png Milk (1) Farmer's Lunch.png Farmer's Lunch (1)