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Getting Started The Player Controls Health Energy Skills Day Cycle

A slightly drained Health Bar (Left)

Health is measured by a bar next to the player's energy bar in the bottom right corner of the user interface (UI). The health bar is only visible while inside of The Mines or when the health is not full. Outside of the Mines the only way to lose Health is by getting hit by the train on the Railroad, by the slimes in the Secret Woods or by the slimes in the Slime Hutch.

Health can be replenished by either consuming food, sleeping, using the Spa, or eating Stardrops. Maximum health capacity is increased by 5 for each level gained in the player's Combat skill, and can be increased further by taking the Fighter and Defender professions in the Combat skill tree.

Once the player's health reaches zero, they will pass out after which they will be woken up by either Clint, Linus, Maru, Robin, or Harvey, depending on who has the highest friendship. You may be woken up in the entry room of the mine, your bedroom, or in Harvey's Clinic, depending on who wakes you up. Unconscious players inside the Skull Dungeon will be awaken inside the hospital.

When knocked out, the player will lose money, items, and current progress. Items that have been lost are non-retrievable, so it is a good idea to keep your valuables in a chest when exploring. The amount of money lost is defined by your current money. Up to 5000g (as of version 1.06) can be lost during the unconsciousness.

If the player is knocked unconscious inside the mines, checkpoint elevators will be lost and the player will be made to reactivate them.


  • When eating healing items, you heal approximately 12.5% more than what is displayed in the tooltip. (Version 1.11)