Insect Head

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Insect Head
Insect Head.png
Name: Insect Head
Description: Not very pleasant to wield.
Level: 6
Source: The Mines
Damage: 10-20
Adventurer's Guild Price: N/A
Selling Value: Coin Icon300g

Insect Head is a weapon in Stardew Valley. It can be obtained as a drop from bugs, or as a reward for killing 125 bugs. After this, it can be repurchased from Marlon for Coin Icon10,000g.


Image Name Level Description Damage Stats Location Buying Price Selling Price
Insect Head.png Insect Head 6 Not very pleasant to wield. 10-20 Speed w.png +2 Speed Rare drop from bugs. Reward for killing 125 bugs. Coin Icon10,000g Coin Icon300g