Maple Syrup

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Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup.png
A sweet syrup with a unique flavor.
Source: Tapper
Season: Any Season
Healing Effect:
Energy.png +50 Energy
Health.png +22 Health
Sell Price: Coin Icon200g
Tapper Icon.png Tapper Profession:
(+25% Sell Price)
Coin Icon250g

Maple Syrup is Tree sap made from the Tapper, when it placed on a Maple Tree, taking 7 to 8 days.

Maple Syrup can be obtained by tapping Maple Trees growing on The Farm or growing naturally in Stardew Valley (e.g., in Cindersap Forest).


Image Name Description Location Time Profit Restores
Maple Syrup.png Maple Syrup A sweet syrup with a unique flavor. Maple Tree

7-8 Days

Maple Syrup.png 200g

Energy.png50 Health.png20


Villager Reactions
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It is used in the Bundle Red.png Chef's Bundle on the Bulletin Board, and is one of the options for the Bundle Purple.png Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Maple Bar.png Maple Bar It's a sweet doughnut topped with a rich maple glaze. Maple Syrup.png Maple Syrup (1)Sugar.png Sugar (1)Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)

Cooking Channel.png Cooking Channel
14 Summer, Year 2

Bee House.png Bee House Place outside and wait for delicious honey! (Except in Winter). Wood.png Wood (40)Coal.png Coal (8)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Maple Syrup.png Maple Syrup (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 3


It is not used in any quests.