Mega Bomb

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Mega Bomb
Mega Bomb.png
Generates a powerful explosion. Use with extreme caution.
Source: Crafting with Mining Level 8 or sold by the Dwarf
Also dropped by:
Squid Kid (5%)
Season: All
Sell Price: Coin Icon50g

Ingredients: Gold Ore.png Gold Ore (4) Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (1) Void Essence.png Void Essence (1)

The Mega Bomb is an explosive one-time use item. It damages certain items within its explosion radius (including the player). Other items are impervious to its effects. The Bouncer guarding the Casino drops a Mega Bomb to ward off the player if they try to enter the Casino without permission.

Tip: Due to the wide blast area it is often a challenge to use the Mega Bomb without taking damage. Ensure you have ample healing supplies.


The Mega Bomb has a radius of 6-8 tiles.

Mega Bomb range.png


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe From
Mega Bomb.png Mega Bomb Generates a powerful explosion. Use with extreme caution. Gold Ore.png Gold Ore (4)Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (1)Void Essence.png Void Essence (1) Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 8


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