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While in its infancy, there are already many mods beginning to pop up for Stardew Valley. Mods can give you lots of money, you can also change the time, spawn items, and even make yourself invincible. The best part is that you can even change your relationships so you can have an instant cutscene.

Useful Mods

A brief listing of useful mods:

  • Easier Fishing - Helps those who struggle with the difficulty of the fishing minigame.
  • NPC Map Locations Mod - Shows NPC locations on the map in real-time.
  • Bathroom after 2nd Houseupgrade - Adds a bathroom in your house once you upgraded it to level 2.
  • Skip Intro - Skip directly into the main menu when you start the game, bypassing the long splash screen with the logos.
  • Simple Crop Label - Adds a tooltip identifying crops and fruit trees.
  • Just Another Music Mod - Adds music to ambient tracks, effectively removing much of the silence of the game (still includes actual ambient sounds)
  • Lookup Anything - See live info about whatever's under your cursor when you press F1. Basically adds the whole Wiki into the game.
  • StackSplitX - This mod lets you split stacks/buy items in a custom amount by overriding the default Shift+Right-Click behaviour.
  • AutoGate - Gates will automatically open when you go next to them, and close when you are not.
  • Quickly Stash Items To Chest Mod - Allows the player to quickly stash items from the inventory into an opened chest which already has those items.
  • Loved Labels - Adds a tooltip label when you mouse-over a pet or farm animal letting you know if they have been petted or not.
  • Harvest With Scythe - All crops are harvestable with the Scythe.


Currently there are only two modification frameworks available:

Both provide access to additional triggers inside the game.

Mod Databases


  • Can I Mod, an open-source website dedicated to documenting Stardew Valley modding.