Omni Geode

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Omni Geode
Omni Geode.png
A blacksmith can break this open for you.
These geodes contain a wide variety of minerals.
Source: MiningPanningKrobusOasis
Sell Price: Coin Icon0g

The Omni Geode is a Mineral deposit found primarily by breaking rocks in The Mines. It must be broken open at the Blacksmith to obtain the items inside. Omni Geodes can contain minerals, artifacts, ores, or basic resources.

Omni Geodes can be found while panning, on all levels of The Mines, and on all levels of the Skull Cavern. They can also be purchased from the Oasis on Wednesdays for Coin Icon1,000g, and from Krobus on Tuesdays for Coin Icon300g. Five Omni Geodes are the reward for completing the Bundle Purple.png Geologist's Bundle in the Boiler Room.

Neither daily luck nor luck buffs affect the contents of an Omni Geode. Since the contents are randomly determined, restarting the game may change which items are inside. The contents are determined when the Omni Geode is processed at the Blacksmith.

Omni Geode Contents


Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Dwarvish Helm.png
Dwarvish Helm It's one of the helmets commonly worn by dwarves. The thick metal plating protects them from falling debris and stalactites. Coin Icon100g 31/2750 *
Dwarf Gadget.png
Dwarf Gadget It's a piece of the advanced technology once known to the dwarves. It's still glowing and humming, but you're unable to understand how it works. Coin Icon200g 31/2750 *
Ancient Drum.png
Ancient Drum It's a drum made from wood and animal skin. It has a low, reverberating tone. Coin Icon100g 31/2750 *

Foraged Minerals

Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Fire Quartz.png
Fire Quartz A glowing red crystal commonly found near hot lava. Coin Icon100g 1/16


Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Prismatic Shard.png
Prismatic Shard A very rare and powerful substance with unknown origins. (can be used in The Desert to obtain the Galaxy Sword) Coin Icon2,000g 1/250 *
  • It is impossible for the player to receive a Prismatic Shard before cracking at least 15 geodes. Therefore, the probability of receiving a Prismatic Shard is 0 and receiving any minerals is 1/88 if the player has not yet cracked 15 geodes.

Geode Minerals

An Omni Geode can contain any of the 41 Geode Minerals in the game.

Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Aerinite These crystals are curiously light. Coin Icon125g 31/2750 *
Alamite Its distinctive fluorescence makes it a favorite among rock collectors. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Baryte The best specimens resemble a desert rose. Coin Icon50g 31/2750 *
Basalt Forms near searing hot magma. Coin Icon175g 31/2750 *
Bixite A dark metallic Mineral sought after for its cubic structure. Coin Icon300g 31/2750 *
Calcite This yellow crystal is speckled with shimmering nodules. Coin Icon75g 31/2750 *
Celestine Some early life forms had bones made from this. Coin Icon125g 31/2750 *
Dolomite It can occur in coral reefs, often near an underwater volcano. Coin Icon300g 31/2750 *
Esperite The crystals glow bright green when stimulated. Coin Icon100g 31/2750 *
Fairy Stone.png
Fairy Stone An old miner's song suggests these are made from the bones of ancient fairies. Coin Icon250g 31/2750 *
Fire Opal.png
Fire Opal A rare variety of opal, named for its red spots. Coin Icon350g 31/2750 *
Fluorapatite Small amounts are found in human teeth. Coin Icon200g 31/2750 *
Geminite Occurs in brilliant clusters. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Ghost Crystal.png
Ghost Crystal There is an aura of coldness around this crystal. Coin Icon200g 31/2750 *
Granite A speckled Mineral that is commonly used in construction. Coin Icon75g 31/2750 *
Helvite It grows in a triangular column. Coin Icon450g 31/2750 *
Hematite An iron-based Mineral with interesting magnetic properties. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Jagoite A high volume of tiny crystals makes it very glittery. Coin Icon115g 31/2750 *
Jamborite The crystals are so tightly packed it almost looks fuzzy. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Jasper When polished, this stone becomes attractively luminous. Prized by ancient peoples for thousands of years. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Kyanite The geometric faces are as smooth as glass. Coin Icon250g 31/2750 *
Lemon Stone.png
Lemon Stone Some claim the powdered crystal is a dwarvish delicacy. Coin Icon200g 31/2750 *
Limestone A very common type of stone. It's not worth very much. Coin Icon15g 31/2750 *
Lunarite The cratered white orbs form a tight cluster. Coin Icon200g 31/2750 *
Malachite A popular ornamental stone, used in sculpture and to make green paint. Coin Icon100g 31/2750 *
Marble A very popular material for sculptures and construction. Coin Icon110g 31/2750 *
Mudstone A fine-grained rock made from ancient clay or mud. Coin Icon25g 31/2750 *
Nekoite The delicate shards form a tiny pink meadow. Coin Icon80g 31/2750 *
Neptunite A jet-black crystal that is unusually reflective. Coin Icon400g 31/2750 *
Obsidian A volcanic glass that forms when lava cools rapidly. Coin Icon200g 31/2750 *
Ocean Stone.png
Ocean Stone An old legend claims these stones are the mosaics of ancient mermaids. Coin Icon220g 31/2750 *
Opal Its internal structure causes it to reflect a rainbow of light. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Orpiment Despite its high toxicity, this Mineral is widely used in manufacturing and folk medicine. Coin Icon150g 31/2750 *
Petrified Slime.png
Petrified Slime This little guy may be 100,000 years old. Coin Icon120g 31/2750 *
Pyrite Commonly known as "Fool's Gold". Coin Icon120g 31/2750 *
Sandstone A common type of stone with red and brown striations. Coin Icon60g 31/2750 *
Slate It's extremely resistant to water, making it a good roofing material. Coin Icon85g 31/2750 *
Soapstone Because of its relatively soft consistency, this stone is very popular for carving. Coin Icon120g 31/2750 *
Star Shards.png
Star Shards No one knows how these form. Some scientists claim that the microscopic structure displays unnatural regularity. Coin Icon500g 31/2750 *
Thunder Egg.png
Thunder Egg According to legend, angry thunder spirits would throw these stones at one another. Coin Icon100g 31/2750 *
Tigerseye A stripe of shimmering gold gives this gem a warm luster. Coin Icon275g 31/2750 *


All ores, coal, and stone may drop in quantities from 1,3,5,10 or 20. It is a 297/1000 chance to get either 1, 3 or 5 of an item, 99/1000 to get 10 of an item and 1/100 to get 20 of an item. The exception is Iridium ore where the quantities differ but the chances of getting a higher amount of drops remain the same. The quantities are 1,2,3,6 and 11.

Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Stone A common material with many uses in crafting and building. Coin Icon2g 1/8
Clay Used in crafting and construction. Coin Icon20g 1/16
Coal A combustible rock that is useful for crafting and smelting. Coin Icon15g 1/20
Copper Ore.png
Copper Ore A common ore that can be smelted into bars. Coin Icon5g 1/20
Iron Ore.png
Iron Ore A fairly common ore that can be smelted into bars. Coin Icon10g 1/20
Gold Ore.png
Gold Ore A precious ore that can be smelted into bars. Coin Icon25g 1/20
Iridium Ore.png
Iridium Ore An exotic ore with many curious properties. Can be smelted into bars. Coin Icon100g 1/20


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