Pine Tree

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Pine Tree
Pine tree portrait.png
Seed Pine Cone
Tapper Product Pine Tar
Growth Time Variable

A Pine Tree is a type of Tree. It grows from a Pine Cone, so long as the area in a one tile radius remains clear. A properly planted Pine Cone has approximately a 20% chance of growing to the next stage each day, though Pine Trees do not grow in Winter.

If a tree or other items are directly adjacent, the tree will not grow. Once fully grown, items can be placed near the tree.

When tapped, it yields a Pine Tar.

Tree Seed Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Full Grown Tapper Product
Pine Tree Pine Cone.png Pine Cone
Pine Stage 1.png
Pine Stage 2.png
Pine Stage 3.png
Pine Stage 4.png
Pine Stage 5.png
Pine Tar.png Pine Tar