Ring of Yoba

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Ring of Yoba
Ring of Yoba.png
Occasionally shields the wearer from damage.
Name: Ring of Yoba
Source: Crafting with Combat Level 7
Ingredients: Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (5)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (5)Diamond.png Diamond (1)
Selling Price: Coin Icon750g

Ring of Yoba is a ring in Stardew Valley. It can be obtained from crafting it from 5 Iron Bars, 5 Gold Bars, and 1 Diamond.


Image Name Description Effect Selling Value
Ring of Yoba.png Ring of Yoba Occasionally shields the wearer from damage. Has a chance of giving the Yoba's Blessing buff after taking damage. The lower your health and the higher your luck, the higher the chance of receiving this buff. Coin Icon750g