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Shipping allows the player to put various goods into the shipping box located near their mailbox. Gold is received the following morning. Iridium star quality items have the highest value, followed by items with gold star quality, followed by items with silver star quality, followed by items with no stars. The amount of money received from shipping is the same as selling to a merchant. The only difference is that merchants make payment immediately.

With the exception of Artifacts, items can only be added to the Collections tab through the use of the shipping box.

In order to ship an item, either walk up to the box and drag the item from your inventory to the shipping box, click on the box and select what to ship from the menu, or select it from the inventory bar, and right click the box. If a mistake is made and the wrong item is put in, the player can right-click the box and the last item added will be displayed, which the player can then drag back to their inventory.



Page One

Wild Horseradish Daffodil Leek Dandelion Parsnip Cave Carrot Coconut Cactus Fruit Sap Egg (white)
Large Egg (white) Egg (brown) Large Egg (brown) Milk Large Milk Green Bean Cauliflower Potato Garlic Kale
Rhubarb Melon Tomato Morel Blueberry Fiddlehead Fern Hot Pepper Wheat Radish Red Cabbage
Starfruit Corn Eggplant Artichoke Pumpkin Bok Choy Yam Chanterelle Cranberries Holly
Beet Salmonberry Amaranth Pale Ale Hops Void Egg Mayonnaise Duck Mayonnaise Void Mayonnaise Clay
Copper Bar Iron Bar Gold Bar Iridium Bar Refined Quartz Honey Pickles (any) Jelly (any) Beer Wine (any)
Juice (any) Clam Copper Ore Iron Ore Coal Gold Ore Iridium Ore Wood Stone Nautilus Shell

Page Two

Coral Rainbow Shell Spice Berry Sea Urchin Grape Spring Onion Strawberry Sweet Pea Common Mushroom Wild Plum
Hazelnut Blackberry Winter Root Crystal Fruit Snow Yam Sweet Gem Berry Crocus Red Mushroom Sunflower Purple Mushroom
Cheese Goat Cheese Cloth Truffle Truffle Oil Coffee Bean Goat Milk Large Goat Milk Wool Duck Egg
Duck Feather Rabbit's Foot Ancient Fruit Mead Tulip Summer Spangle Fairy Rose (any colour) Blue Jazz Poppy Apple
Apricot Orange Peach Pomegranate Cherry Bug Meat Hardwood Maple Syrup Oak Resin Pine Tar
Slime Bat Wing Solar Essence Void Essence Fiber Battery Pack