Squid Kid

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Squid Kid
Squid Kid.gif
Spawns In: The Mines
Levels: 80–120
Killable: Yes
Base HP: 1
Base Damage: 18
Base Def: 2
Speed: 3
EXP Given: 15
Variations: None

Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (75%)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (5%)Bomb.png Bomb (10%)Mega Bomb.png Mega Bomb (5%)Dwarf Scroll III.png Dwarf Scroll III (0.5%)Dwarf Scroll IV.png Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%)If reached bottom of Mines:

Squid Kids are an enemy found in the The Mines.


They will move suddenly, and shoot fireballs at the player, which ricochet off walls.


Simply move in quickly and hit them. They are quite weak, and can typically be defeated with a single hit from any weapon. Their fireballs can also be hit and destroyed; however, fireballs will not be stopped by blocking them with the sword!


  • 1.0: Introduced.