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The Player is the character you create and play. In general, "you" on this this wiki refers to your character.

Character customization

The character creator

When you start the game, you're prompted create your character. You can choose...

  • Appearance. This includes 24 skin tones, 32 hair styles, 20 accessories, and 112 shirts. All of them can be used by either gender, and you can optionally randomize your appearance. This has no effect on gameplay, can be changed later, and can be augmented with hats and boots.
  • Name / Farm Name. They're sometimes used in dialog. These are limited to most of the ASCII printable characters, which is spaces, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and `~!@#$%^&*()-=+[{]}\|;:'",<.>/?_. The length of the name is determined by the total pixel width, and the allowed maximum is restricted to the width of the textbox. (Although " is in the valid ASCII printable character range, the textbox does not seem to accept this character.)
  • Animal Preference. You'll be offered your chosen pet on Spring 12 of year 1.
  • Favorite Thing. This affects the text shown when you eat a Stardrop. The character limits are the same as your name and farm's name textboxes.
  • Gender. This has minor effects on gameplay:
    • Characters will use the appropriate pronoun when referring to you.
    • You're restricted to the men's or women's spa entrance. (As a woman, you'll have slightly reduced access to Alex since he sometimes works out in the men's locker room.)
    • You can marry any eligible NPC regardless of your gender, though it affects how you get children after marriage. In a heterosexual couple, you or your wife will become pregnant for 14 days (with no effect on the mother's movement) and give birth. In a homosexual couple, you can adopt children.


  • Entering ConcernedApe as your favorite thing triggers an Easter egg.
  • Some special keys like the asterisk will trigger a certain sound.
  • If you type the + in the names it will show as a star.


The game doesn't restrict you to any particular personality (e.g. there are no character traits). When presented with in-game cutscenes and dialogs, you can choose any answer at your discretion. These answers have no impact on the story, though some may slightly impact friendship. You can befriend most NPCs in the game, and there are no mutually exclusive friendships. (Some NPCs like Gunther have no friendship status.)

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