Artifact Spot

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Artifact Spot
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Uh... How did you get this in your inventory?
Ape made a booboo.
Season: All Seasons
Sell Price: N/A

An Artifact Spot (also known as "worms", "stems", or "twigs") is a tile found in places where the ground can be tilled with a Hoe. It has a chance to drop Artifacts, Lost Books, Mixed Seeds, Stone, or Clay when tilled. They are much more common in winter, when they may also drop Snow Yams or Winter Roots.


  • Although many players call them "worms," Artifact Spot is the name found in the game code.
  • If players do not use their hoe on an artifact spot, it has a chance to respawn in the same place the next day.
  • An episode of Livin' Off The Land describes them as "little brown stems":
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