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Overview of the Beach.

The Beach is located to the south of Pelican Town. During the Summer the Luau and Dance of the Moonlight Jellies festivals are held on the beach. In Winter, the Night Market is held from the 15th to the 17th.

Main Beach

Small numbers of forageables can be found lying on the main beach. To the south are the main docks where the Fish Shop is located. To the east of the main beach entrance is Elliott's Cabin. At the easternmost edge of the main beach is a small broken bridge, that crosses to the tidal pools.

Elliott's Cabin

Elliott's Cabin is located north of the Fish Shop. Elliott spends much of his time inside, and much of the remainder standing in front of the campfire south of his cabin.

Fish Shop

The Fish Shop is located on the main docks and is owned and operated by Willy. It sells various Fishing supplies.

Tidal Pools

This area can only be accessed after the broken bridge is repaired with 300 pieces of wood. Forageables can also be found here, especially after a storm. Sea Urchins can only be found here.

There is a small dock to the south of the tidal pools.

The Old Mariner can be found at the northern edge of the tidal pools when it is raining or during stormy weather. The old mariner does not come during Winter, unless a Rain Totem is used.


  • The broken bridge to the eastern section of the beach is not the quarry bridge (which is repaired by completing the Crafts Room bundles in the Community Center.)
  • On Summer 12-14, a larger number of shells can be found.
  • Occasionally the Sea Monster will make an appearance in the ocean waters, under the dock.


  • On the northwestern side of the beach there is a suspicious looking opening between two trees. However the path is blocked by a bunch of woodplanks.
  • Although it would logically be salt water and dangerous to many plants, you can fill the watering can from the ocean the same as anywhere else.
  • You can catch saltwater fish in the river before it reaches the sea; in reality, this would still be freshwater and so therefore river fish.