Blackberry Cobbler

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Blackberry Cobbler
Blackberry Cobbler.png
There's nothing quite like it.
Source: Cooking

Energy.png 175 Energy
Health.png 78 Health
Sell Price: Gold.png260g
Recipe Source(s):

Cooking Channel.png The Queen of Sauce
14 Fall, Year 2

Ingredients: Blackberry.png Blackberry (2)Sugar.png Sugar (1)Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)

Blackberry Cobbler is a cooked dish. It is prepared using the kitchen inside an upgraded farmhouse. It can also be received as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.

Note: this recipe can be profitable - it will result in profit when using the lowest quality ingredients without Bear's Knowledge, or if using Wheat Flour and/or Sugar from the Mill. If the player has Bear's Knowledge and purchases Sugar and Wheat Flour from Pierre's General Store, using the lowest quality blackberry will result in the cost being equal to the sell price.


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Blackberry Cobbler is not used in any bundles.


Blackberry Cobbler is not used in any quests.