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A gift that shows your romantic interest.
Source: Pierre's General Store
Season: Any season
Sell Price: Gold.png100g

The Bouquet is a special gift that you can give to any or all marriage candidates with whom you have gained an 8-heart friendship. It is given to indicate an interest in a deeper relationship, which also has the potential to develop into a romance. It can be purchased at Pierre's General Store for Gold.png200g any time after you have a friend who qualifies to receive it.

Since the gift unlocks the potential for a romantic interest in the receiver, the Friendship tab of the Open Menu indicates (girlfriend) or (boyfriend) under the name(s) of all candidates you give one to, until you become engaged to marry. Giving the bouquet unfreezes the friendship level with each recipient, allowing it to decrease again, as well as increase. You are also expected to deepen your ties with your special friends (even if there is no romantic interest), and you will lose ten friendship points each day that you do not talk to them. However, a bouquet never counts against the limit of two gifts per week. It can be given multiple times to any one candidate, even in one day, and results in an increase of 25 friendship points each time it is given. Thus, you can immediately bring your friendship up to 10 hearts by giving enough bouquets to reach that level. The exact number needed depends on how many points you had at 8 hearts, when the level was frozen, but it may require as many as 20 bouquets to reach 10 hearts.

Giving this gift to multiple candidates does not initially damage your friendship (lower heart levels) with earlier recipients. Once you are engaged or married, however, you will lose two hearts with your intended or spouse if you give it to another candidate.

Since friendship with a marriage candidate freezes at 8 hearts until you give a bouquet, giving at least one to every marriage candidate is the only way to advance to 10 hearts your friendship with all the candidates you do NOT intend to marry. If you intend to raise these friendship levels that far, it is advisable to do so before you become engaged, since doing it later involves penalties.

The bouquet can be sold for Gold.png100g via the shipping box. Pierre will not buy them back.


  • Bouquets do not count towards the recipient's gift limit.
  • Gifting a bouquet to your marriage partner can still trigger dialogs such as "I Accept! I didn't know you felt the same."


  • 1.0: Introduced.