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Provides unlimited access to all wallpapers and floors... from the convenience of your home!
Source(s): Pierre Icon.png Pierre's General Store
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Catalogue is a piece of Furniture that can be purchased from Pierre's General Store for 30,000g.

Once placed, right-clicking the catalogue allows the player to purchase every wallpaper and flooring item for 0g in unlimited quantity.

The catalogue is similar to the Furniture Catalogue sold at the Carpenter's Shop, which gives access to Furniture items.


As of PC v1.11, each Wallpaper has a collision of IDs with certain Objects.

  • A lightgreen wallpaper functions as a Prismatic Shard, making it possible to obtain the Galaxy Sword as soon as you can enter the Desert and have purchased the Catalogue.
  • See the Talk page for a list of other collision IDs.


Shift click any wallpaper or floor and Stardew valley will crash.


  • 1.1: Introduced.