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For controls details for mobile, see Mobile Controls.

All hotkeys can be reassigned by opening the menu and choosing the Options tab Optionstab.png

Keyboard & Mouse

Key Description
W Move Up
A Move Left
S Move Down
D Move Right
Left Click, C Use tool or place item
Right Click, X Check/Do Action
Escape, E Open Menu
F Open Journal
M Open Map window
Left Shift Run
1 - 0,  - ,  +  Inventory hotkeys
F4 Screenshot mode


  • Shift + left-click an inventory item/stack to move it to the top row.
  • Shift + left-click to continuously purchase items inside a shop/merchant's inventory window.
  • Right-click to purchase 5 items. Hold Shift + right-click to keep purchasing items 5 at a time.
  • Right-click a stack of inventory/chest items to single out one of them.
  • Shift + right-click to select half a stack of inventory/chest items.
  • Hold right-click or left-click while moving the mouse over a group of equipment (e.g., Kegs, Preserves Jars, Casks, Bee Houses) to collect items quickly.
    • Have another item selected in inventory to refill equipment automatically.
    • If the item is edible, you must use left-click, or the game will ask if you want to consume the item.
  • Delete to permanently delete a selected item in the inventory window. (Use E/Escape to open inventory, then Left-click on an item/stack to select it, then press the delete key.)
  • Pressing the Esc key while on the opening splash screen takes you directly to the main menu select screen.

Xbox One / Xbox 360 Controller

Controller buttons can not be reassigned.

In Overworld

Button Description
360 Left Stick.png
Left Joystick
Walk; Run
360 Dpad.png
360 Right Stick.png
Right Joystick
Move Cursor
360 Start.png
Open Menu
360 Back.png
Open Journal
360 A.pngA Check / Do Action / Use Cursor
360 X.pngX Use Tool
360 B.pngB Open Menu
360 Y.pngY Open Crafting Menu
360 LT.pngLT 360 RT.pngRT Switch Item

In Menu

Button Description
360 Left Stick.png
Left Joystick
Move Cursor
360 Right Stick.png
Right Joystick
360 A.pngA Select
360 B.pngB 360 Y.pngY
360 Start.png
Exit Menu
360 LT.pngLT 360 RT.pngRT Switch Menu Tab
360 X.pngX Move One Item / Use Item (bait, etc.)

Controller Map


PS4 Controller

Controller Map


Advanced Controls

  • When purchasing items in bulk, hold SQUARE and X to speed up the buying process
  • With the inventory menu open, press the Touchpad button to automatically sort the items.
  • Pressing CIRCLE after selecting an item(s) from your inventory will move it to the trash icon.

Switch Controller

Controller Map


Object Placement Tips

  • One of the most useful controls is the Right Stick. It can be used to exactly place furniture, rugs, windows, etc. where you want them. It's pretty sensitive but absolutely required especially for placing windows.
  • While moving a rug into place using the Right Stick, use A to Rotate the rug.

Toolbar Tips

  • To use higher-grade functions of tools such as the Watering Can, press and hold "Y".
  • Interacting with villagers with any item other than tools will gift that item to the villager.

Inventory Tips

  • When moving inventory the Y button will move one item at a time or hold to move multiple.
  • Pressing B after selecting an item(s) from your inventory will move it to the trash icon.
  • Pressing - while in your inventory will quickly organize items.
  • Pressing both A and Y while purchasing items from any shop will allow the player to purchase items twice as fast.


  • Pressing Y performs basic attack while pressing B performs block or alternate attack.