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The Farm
All Farm Map Icon.png
“You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life.”

Upon completing the Character Creation and the initial dialogue with Robin at the Bus Stop, this is the location the player is transported to. Inherited from their grandfather after quitting their job at Joja Corporation, it is their duty to restore the land and make use of it.

See Getting Started for more information

Farm Maps

Main article: Farm Maps

When creating a new character players can select from a number of different maps for their farm. Each of these maps offer unique benefits, and favor specific skills.

The player's farm house will appear the same from the outside on all maps, but begins with a uniquely styled interior after the maps theme. These house interiors offer different furniture pieces, wallpaper and flooring for each map.

Each map will change how the farm appears on the game map slightly. Most simply change how the farm area appears, but some change areas outside the farm on the map - the Forest farm extends the forest to the west toward the farm and the Riverland map connects to a river which flows south of the desert. These changes are only reflected on the world map; no changes are made to the actual game world outside the player's farm based on map selection.

After selecting a map it cannot be changed; characters are permanently tied to their map type once created. Each map takes up the same area, but there are different amounts of usable, farmable, buildable land on each.

Name Description Associated Skill
Standard Farm Map Icon.png
Standard Farm
Farming Skill Icon.png Farming
Riverland Farm Map Icon.png
Riverland Farm
  • The majority of this map is water. Fishing is viable on this farm.
  • Water significantly decreases the overall farming area.
Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing
Forest Farm Map Icon.png
Forest Farm
  • Many trees are found all around the map.
  • The following items spawn in the west area of the map:
  • Unique Weeds that always drops Mixed Seeds.
  • Additional cliffs and ponds decrease the overall farming area.
Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging
Hilltop Farm Map Icon.png
Hill-top Farm
  • A special mining area, in the southwest part of the map, spawns the following items:
The type of nodes that spawn is relative to the player's Mining level.
  • Additional cliffs and a stream decrease the overall farming area.
Mining Skill Icon.png Mining
Wilderness Farm Map Icon.png
Wilderness Farm
  • Monsters spawn at night (scales with the player's Combat level).
    Wilderness Golems are unique to this map.
  • Additional cliffs and ponds decrease the overall farming area.
Combat Skill Icon.png Combat
Four Corners Farm Map Icon.png
Four Corners Farm
  • Multiplayer Focused map
  • Has 4 unique areas, forest, standard, lake and hill-top.
Beach Farm Map Icon.png
Beach Farm
  • Includes good spots for fishing.
  • Fish caught on this map will be Ocean Fish.
  • Most of the ground is sand, which cannot be watered by sprinklers.
  • Supply crates occasionally wash up on shore.
  • Beach forage can be found on shores.
Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing
Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging
Meadowlands Farm Map Icon.png
Meadowlands Farm
Farming Skill Icon.png Farming


A tier 3 House
Main article: Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is the only form of player housing. By default, the house features a TV, a single bed, a picture, a table and chair, decorative dishes, and a fireplace. The farmhouse can be upgraded 3 times: once by paying data-sort-value="10000">Gold.png10,000g and giving 450 Wood to Robin, and again by paying data-sort-value="65000">Gold.png65,000g and giving 100 Hardwood to Robin. The final upgrade adds a cellar which can age wine and cheese in Casks; it costs data-sort-value="100000">Gold.png100,000g. All upgrades take approximately 2 full days to complete.


Main article: Marriage

Upon completion of the marriage ceremony, the person whom the player marries will have a portion of their room moved into the right side of their house. However, this requires at least a tier 2 farmhouse.

Shipping Box

Main article: Shipping

The shipping box is a rectangular wooden box located to the right of the farmhouse. Items with value can be placed inside the box (excluding tools) and will be sold overnight with the total earnings from selling the items displayed once the player goes to bed for the night. The latest item placed in the box can be recovered, but items placed before the latest item may not be recovered. For example, if the player places 10 corn in, it may be recovered before shipping out for the night, however, if the player places an eggplant on top of the corn, only the eggplant may be recovered, but the corn reaches its inevitable fate of being sold.


Main article: Letters

The mailbox is located to the bottom-right corner of the farmhouse. It is used to receive and read incoming letters. Any unread mail will be indicated by the display of a floating speech bubble containing an envelope icon hovering over the mailbox.


Visual representation of the protection range of a scarecrow
Main article: Crops

Seeds for crops can be purchased from Pierre in his shop, with his selection correlated to the active season, or obtained from completing Community Center bundles or Museum rewards. However, these seeds can only be planted on the farm or in the Greenhouse. In order to begin the process of growing a crop, the player must find a clear 1x1 area to till with a hoe. Once tilled, the seed may be planted and watered. All crops must be watered daily in order to continue growing. Once a crop is fully grown, it may be harvested. Most crops grow once, and the entire plant is harvested, but for crops like berries and corn, these crops only have their edible portions harvested, allowing the crop to grow back faster than when it was planted. However, once the season for the crop ends, it will wither and die immediately.

Fruit Trees

Main article: Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree seeds can be purchased from Pierre's Shop and occasionally from the Traveling Cart and sowed on the farm in the center of a 3x3 square. All fruit trees take approximately 28 days to mature completely, and, depending on the season, will produce 1 fruit per day. Fruit trees do not produce fruit during winter.


Crows may randomly spawn on the farm each morning there are crops planted. Crows destroy crops by eating them. To avoid this, players may craft Scarecrows and place them within range of growing crops. Collectible Rarecrows can also be used to scare off crows.


Main article: Carpenter's Shop

Buildings can be purchased from Robin in the Carpenter's Shop at varying prices. Farm buildings are required to house animals. Both coops and barn buildings have upgrades, and the base building must be purchased before the upgrade. Each of these buildings can be built multiple times to support more animals.

Tip: It's a good idea to build a silo before purchasing animals to place in farm buildings, so there is a place to store hay for them to eat.


Farm debris is a naturally regenerating element on the Farm. It includes rocks, twigs, and weeds.

Small Plants

Image Name Tool Required Drops Propagation
Weeds Composite.png Weed Any Fiber.png Fiber (0-1) Mixed Seeds.png Mixed Seeds (0-1) Respawns randomly; spreads destructively
Grass Scythe Hay.png Hay (0-1) (only if Silo exists) Respawns randomly; Spreads non-destructively


Main article: Trees

Apart from Fruit Trees, there are 3 types of common trees that grow in Stardew Valley: Maple Trees, Oak Trees, and Pine Trees.

Tree Tool Required Drops Propagation
Mature Maple Tree Axe.png Axe Wood.png Wood (16-31), Sap.png Sap (6), Maple Seed.png Maple Seed (0-2), Hardwood.png Hardwood (if Lumberjack) Maple seeds spread non-destructively
Mature Oak Tree Axe.png Axe Wood.png Wood (16-31), Sap.png Sap (6), Acorn.png Acorn (0-2), Hardwood.png Hardwood (if Lumberjack) Acorns spread non-destructively
Mature Pine Tree Axe.png Axe Wood.png Wood (16-31), Sap.png Sap (6), Pine Cone.png Pine Cone (0-2), Hardwood.png Hardwood (if Lumberjack) Pine cones spread non-destructively
Tree Seedling (stage 4) Axe.png Axe Wood.png Wood (4-5) Grows to next stage
Tree Seedling (stages 2-3) Any Wood.png Wood (0-1) Grows to next stage
Fallen Seed Axe.png AxePickaxe.png PickaxeHoe.png Hoe Acorn.pngPine Cone.pngMaple Seed.png (1) Grows to stage 2 seedling

Note: Seeds will not drop until Foraging Skill Level 1 is acquired. Tree seedlings that have not yet grown beyond their first stage will drop nothing.


Apart from trees, wooden debris is split into three types, two of which produce Hardwood.

Image Name Tool Required Drops Propagation
Springobjects294.pngSpringobjects295.png Twig Axe.png Axe Wood.png Wood (1) Spawns randomly; spreads destructively
Large Stump.png Large Stump Copper Axe.png Copper Axe Hardwood.png Hardwood (2-3) Only on Forest Farm, Four Corners and Beach Farm
Large Log.png Large Log Steel Axe.png Steel Axe Hardwood.png Hardwood (8-10) Never


Main article: Stone

The farm's rock debris is not a primary way of farming stone (see The Mines). Stone debris is split into two types, both dropping stone.

Image Name Tool Required Drops Propagation
Stone Index343.pngStone Index450.png Rock Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Stone.png Stone (1) Spawns randomly; spreads destructively
Farm Boulder.png Boulder Steel Pickaxe.png Steel Pickaxe Stone.png Stone (15) Never

Unique Areas

Broken Greenhouse.png Greenhouse.png
Initial Repaired

There are three unique areas on The Farm (not including player placeable buildings,e.g., Barn, The Coop, etc.).


Main article: Greenhouse

The Greenhouse in the beginning is unusable, as the player seems to assume it was destroyed by a storm. Completing the Pantry section of the Community Center will cause the greenhouse to be restored, and be of use to the player. It features a 12x10 plot for crops, and a water trough to refill the Watering can. Any seeds from any season may be planted here, even during the winter, giving the player a large advantage. Buildings may not be placed in the greenhouse.

The Cave

Mushroom boxes
Main article: The Cave

Once total earnings reach data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g, Demetrius meets the player at their door the next day. He states that he is working on research and asks if they wouldn't mind if he used their cave. He gives the player the option to either have fruit bats in the cave, or to install 6 mushroom boxes. Fruit bats will leave random fruit in the cave overnight, while the Mushroom Cave has a Dehydrator that dries out mushrooms, and mushroom boxes that will produce one of five different types of mushrooms on a regular basis.

Grandpa's Shrine

Main article: Grandpa
“Wait for my return at the dawn of the 3rd year.”

Grandpa's Shrine is a landmark located in the northwestern corner of the farm. Upon encountering the shrine, a note is present that reads "Wait for my return at the dawn of the 3rd year". Upon reaching the dawn of the 3rd year, a manifestation of grandpa appears and evaluates the player's performance.

After their third year of being on the farm and his initial evaluation, if the player got less than four candles, his shrine will still be active.

“ There's a diamond-shaped slot in the shrine... was that always there?”

If the player places a Diamond into Grandpa's Shrine, he will reappear and re-evaluate the farm the next day. He will apologize for being too harsh and promptly give them a new answer if the player made some changes. Interacting with the shrine after this event will produce a Statue Of Perfection, if all four candles are lit.

After achieving Perfection, a stone carving of a Stardrop will appear above the shrine.

Additional Information

Brown Chicken.png See: Animals
Cheese.png See: Artisan Goods


  • There is a uncommon chance that when waking up after sleeping in the bed (2nd upgrade), the sleeping sprite will still be active.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added four new farm maps to character creation, each favoring different skills.
  • 1.4: Added new multiplayer focused map: Four Corners Farm.
  • 1.5: Added Beach Farm. Once unlocked, the Greenhouse can now be moved at Robin’s shop. A stone carving of a Stardrop will now appear above Grandpa's Shrine after achieving Perfection.
  • 1.6: Added a new farm type: Meadowlands Farm. The farmhouse and pet bowl can now be moved through Robin's menu.