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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Crafting Recipes: Cooking Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Choose a Profession:
Spring Seeds.png Wild Seeds (Sp)Field Snack.png Field Snack
  • Trees sometimes
    drop seeds.
Survival Burger.png Survival Burger Tapper.png Tapper Charcoal Kiln.png Charcoal KilnSummer Seeds.png Wild Seeds (Su)
  • +1 Wild Berry
Forester.png Forester
Gain 25% more wood when chopping
(Applies to Trees, Stumps & Logs)
Gatherer.png Gatherer
Chance for double harvest of foraged items.
(20% chance of double harvest)
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Forester: Gatherer:
Lightning Rod.png Lightning RodFall Seeds.png Wild Seeds (Fa)

Warp Totem Beach.png Warp Totem:

Winter Seeds.png Wild Seeds (Wi)

Warp Totem Mountains.png Warp Totem:

Tree Fertilizer.png Tree Fertilizer

Warp Totem Farm.png Warp Totem: Farm
  • +1 Wild Berry
Rain Totem.png Rain TotemCookout Kit.png Cookout Kit Lumberjack.png Lumberjack
All trees have a chance to drop hardwood.
Botanist.png Botanist
Foraged items are always highest quality.
Tapper Icon.png Tapper
Syrups worth 25% more.
Tracker.png Tracker
Location of forageable items revealed.