Frozen Geode

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Frozen Geode
Frozen Geode.png
A blacksmith can break this open for you.
Source: MiningFishing
Sell Price: 100g

The Frozen Geode is a Mineral deposit that contains minerals, artifacts, ores, or basic resources. It can be found on levels 41 to 79 of The Mines, on the farm in the Winter, or inside a Fishing Treasure Chest. It can also be received as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.

Frozen Geode Contents


Image Name Description Sell Price
Ancient Drum.png
Ancient Drum It's a drum made from wood and animal skin. It has a low, reverberating tone. 100g

Foraged Minerals

Image Name Description Sell Price
Frozen Tear.png
Frozen Tear A crystal fabled to be the frozen tears of a yeti. 75g

Geode Minerals

Image Name Description Sell Price
Aerinite These crystals are curiously light. 125g
Esperite The crystals glow bright green when stimulated. 100g
Fairy Stone.png
Fairy Stone An old miner's song suggests these are made from the bones of ancient fairies. 250g
Fluorapatite Small amounts are found in human teeth. 200g
Geminite Occurs in brilliant clusters. 150g
Ghost Crystal.png
Ghost Crystal There is an aura of coldness around this crystal. 200g
Hematite An iron-based Mineral with interesting magnetic properties. 150g
Kyanite The geometric faces are as smooth as glass. 250g
Lunarite The cratered white orbs form a tight cluster. 200g
Marble A very popular material for sculptures and construction. 110g
Ocean Stone.png
Ocean Stone An old legend claims these stones are the mosaics of ancient mermaids. 220g
Opal Its internal structure causes it to reflect a rainbow of light. 150g
Pyrite Commonly known as "Fool's Gold". 120g
Soapstone Because of its relatively soft consistency, this stone is very popular for carving. 120g


Note that Gold Ore is available in the Frozen Geode only after the player has reached level 75 of The Mines. Before reaching level 75, Iron Ore is substituted when breaking open a Frozen Geode at the Blacksmith.

Image Name Description Sell Price
Stone A common material with many uses in crafting and building. 2g
Clay Used in crafting and construction. 20g
Coal A combustible rock that is useful for crafting and smelting. 15g
Copper Ore.png
Copper Ore A common ore that can be smelted into bars. 5g
Iron Ore.png
Iron Ore A fairly common ore that can be smelted into bars. 10g
Gold Ore.png
Gold Ore A precious ore that can be smelted into bars. 25g


It is used in the Field Research Bundle on the Bulletin Board.


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