Iron Bar

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Iron Bar
Iron Bar.png
A bar of pure iron.
Source: CraftingFurnace
Sell Price: Gold.png120g
Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith Profession:
(+50% Sell Price)

Equipment: Furnace
Time to Craft: 2h
Ingredients: Iron Ore (5) Coal (1)

An Iron Bar is created by smelting 5 Iron Ore in a furnace with 1 coal for fuel, or by Crafting the "Transmute (Fe)" recipe (3 Copper Bars into one Iron Bar).

Iron Bars may occasionally be found in Garbage Cans after receiving the Furnace blueprints from Clint. An Iron Bar may also drop from a Shadow Brute (2% chance) or Shadow Shaman (2% chance) when slain.

Smelting iron ore in a furnace takes 2 in-game hours. The "Transmute (Fe)" recipe is earned at Mining Level 4.

Iron bars are used in a variety of crafting recipes and are used to upgrade tools to tier 3. Each iron bar can be sold for Gold.png120g.


Iron Bars are used to make the following items:

Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Warrior Ring.png
Warrior Ring Occasionally infuses the wearer with "warrior energy" after slaying a monster. Iron Bar (10) Coal (25) Frozen Tear (10) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat 4
Ring of Yoba.png
Ring of Yoba Occasionally shields the wearer from damage. Iron Bar (5) Diamond (1) Gold Bar (5) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat 7
Explosive Ammo.png
Explosive Ammo Fire this with the slingshot. Iron Bar (1) Coal (2) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat 8
Bee House.png
Bee House Place outside and wait for delicious honey! (Except in Winter). Iron Bar (1) Coal (8) Wood (40) Maple Syrup (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming 3
Sprinkler Waters the 4 adjacent tiles every morning. Iron Bar (1) Copper Bar (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming 3
Iron Fence.png
Iron Fence Lasts longer than a stone fence. Iron Bar (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming 4
Quality Sprinkler.png
Quality Sprinkler Waters the 8 adjacent tiles every morning. Iron Bar (1) Gold Bar (1) Refined Quartz (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming 6
Keg Put a fruit or vegetable in here. Eventually it will turn into a beverage. Iron Bar (1) Copper Bar (1) Wood (30) Oak Resin Farming Skill Icon.png Farming 8
Crab Pot.png
Crab Pot Used with bait to capture crabs and other sea creatures. Iron Bar (3) Wood (40) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 3
Recycling Machine.png
Recycling Machine Turns fishing trash into resources. Iron Bar (1) Stone (25) Wood (25) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 4
Spinner The shape makes it spin around in the water. Slightly increases the bite-rate when fishing. Iron Bar (2) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 6
Barbed Hook.png
Barbed Hook Makes your catch more secure, causing the "fishing bar" to cling to your catch. Works best on slow, weak fish. Iron Bar (1) Copper Bar (1) Gold Bar (1) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 8
Dressed Spinner.png
Dressed Spinner The metal tab and colorful streamers create an enticing spectacle for fish. Increases the bite-rate when fishing. Iron Bar (2) Cloth (1) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 8
Worm Bin.png
Worm Bin Produces bait on a regular basis. The worms are self-sufficient. Iron Bar (1) Fiber (50) Gold Bar (1) Hardwood (25) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 8
Magnet Increases the chance of finding treasures when fishing. However, fish aren't crazy about the taste. Iron Bar (4) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing 9
Lightning Rod.png
Lightning Rod Collects energy from lightning storms and turns it into battery packs. Iron Bar (1) Refined Quartz (1) Bat Wing (5) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging 6
Warp Totem Mountains.png
Warp Totem: Mountains Warp directly to the mountains. Consumed on use. Iron Bar (1) Hardwood (1) Stone (25) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging 7
Gold Bar.png
Transmute (Au) A bar of pure gold. Iron Bar (2) Mining Skill Icon.png Mining 7
Iron Lamp-post.png
Iron Lamp-post Provides a good amount of light. Iron Bar (1) Battery Pack (1) Robin Icon.png Robin


Image Name Description Cost Size
Horse Stable.png
Stable Allows you to keep and ride a horse. Horse included. Gold.png10,000g Hardwood (100) Iron Bar (5) 4x2


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An Iron Bar is used in the Blacksmith's Bundle in the Boiler Room.