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Fortune Teller

Luck is a statistic that affects many different aspects of the game, such as the drop rates of geodes and chance of getting treasure from Fishing. There are two kinds of luck: Daily Luck, which is determined by the game, and Luck Buffs gained from eating certain food.

Daily Luck

The base value for daily luck is a randomly generated number from -0.1 to 0.1.[1] If you have the Special Charm, the value is increased by 0.025. Daily luck does not change if the day is restarted, but it can change if you replay the previous day.

You can check your daily luck by right-clicking on the Television and selecting "Fortune Teller." The Fortune Teller will give an indication of the daily luck stat modifier. Luck is not affected by viewing the Fortune Teller Television Program (i.e., the luck value is not neutral if the player does not view the program, the luck value remains constant regardless.)

A 0.01 increase in daily luck generally means a random event is about 1% more likely to happen.

Before revealing the luck message, one of the following messages is shown randomly (the first two being gender-specific). They do not affect the luck in any way.

“Ah... I sense that a new viewer has joined us. A young man from... Stardew Valley? Welcome, welcome!”
“Ah... I sense that a new viewer has joined us. A young lady from... Stardew Valley? Welcome, welcome!”
“Ah... yes, I can hear the spirits whispering something to me... ”
“Welcome back to 'Welwick's Oracle'... If you seek hidden knowledge of the future, well you've come to the right place.”
“Hoo.. I see a glimmer within my scrying orb... A shard of knowledge from the future!”
“Welcome to Welwick's Oracle... the ONLY show where the voice of the spirits is channeled directly... to YOU.”
Message TV Display Stat Bonus [2]
The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune. LuckStar.gif Luck.png Luck (> +0.07)
The spirits are in good humor today. I think you'll have a little extra luck. LuckPyramid.gif Luck.png Luck (> +0.02 and ≤ +0.07)
The spirits feel neutral today. The day is in your hands. LuckSwirlingLights.gif Luck.png Luck (≥ -0.02 and ≤ +0.02, but not 0)
This is rare. The spirits feel absolutely neutral today. LuckSwirlingLights.gif Luck.png Luck (0)
The spirits are somewhat annoyed today. Luck will not be on your side.

The spirits are somewhat mildly perturbed today. Luck will not be on your side.

LuckBat.gif Luck.png Luck (≥ -0.07 and < -0.02)
The spirits are very displeased today. They will do their best to make your life difficult. LuckSkull.gif Luck.png Luck (< -0.07)

Daily Luck Effects

Daily luck affects the following:

Luck Buffs

In addition to Daily Luck, Luck Buffs gained from eating food will provide temporary bonuses. A luck buff of +1 means a random event is roughly 1% more likely to happen. Any luck buff is treated separately from daily luck, so the effects of the two types of luck are not automatically the same; both the types of events affected by luck buffs and the magnitude of the effect can be different.

Known differences between daily luck and luck buffs include:

The following foods provide a temporary luck buff:

Image Name Description Ingredients Restores Buff(s) Buff Duration Recipe Source(s) Sell Price
Fried Eel.png
Fried Eel Greasy but flavorful. Eel.png Eel (1)Oil.png Oil (1) Energy.png 75
Health.png 33
Luck.png Luck (+1) Time Icon.png 7m

George Icon.png George (Mail - 3+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Lucky Lunch.png
Lucky Lunch A special little meal. Sea Cucumber.png Sea Cucumber (1)Tortilla.png Tortilla (1)Blue Jazz.png Blue Jazz (1) Energy.png 100
Health.png 45
Luck.png Luck (+3) Time Icon.png 11m 11s

Cooking Channel.png The Queen of Sauce
28 Spring, Year 2

Pumpkin Soup.png
Pumpkin Soup A seasonal favorite. Pumpkin.png Pumpkin (1)Milk.png Milk (1) Energy.png 200
Health.png 90
Defense.png Defense (+2)Luck.png Luck (+2) Time Icon.png 7m 41s

Robin Icon.png Robin (Mail - 7+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Shrimp Cocktail.png
Shrimp Cocktail A sumptuous appetizer made with freshly-caught shrimp. Tomato.png Tomato (1)Shrimp.png Shrimp (1)Wild Horseradish.png Wild Horseradish (1) Energy.png 225
Health.png 101
Fishing.png Fishing (+1)Luck.png Luck (+1) Time Icon.png 10m 2s

Cooking Channel.png The Queen of Sauce
28 Winter, Year 2

Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel It's really spicy! Be careful. Eel.png Eel (1)Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper (1) Energy.png 115
Health.png 51
Luck.png Luck (+1)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m

George Icon.png George (Mail - 7+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy A rare and powerful candy infused with the essence of the prismatic shard. N/A Energy.png500Health.png225 Mining.png Mining (+2)Luck.png Luck (+5)Speed.png Speed (+1)Defense.png Defense (+5)Attack.png Attack (+5) Time Icon.png 8m 24s N/A Gold.png5,000g

Special Charm

After reading Secret Note #20 and solving the puzzle depicted, the player is awarded with a Special Charm that permanently increases daily Luck by 0.025.


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  3. See Utility::performLightningUpdate in the game code.


  • 1.3: Officially added Special Charm to game. Treasure rooms added to Skull Cavern, which are affected by luck.
  • 1.4: Magic Rock Candy introduced. Special Charm luck increase changed to a static 0.025. Giving datable NPCs a gift no longer makes your spouse jealous unless you’re currently dating them.