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A content pack is a collection of files for a specific SMAPI mod to read (essentially a sub-mod). Content packs can contain any files, but usually consist of JSON files and images.

For players

If you want to use a content pack, install it just like a SMAPI mod (see player guide). Make sure you install the mod it needs too.

For modders

Create a content pack

  1. Install SMAPI.
  2. Open your game's Mods folder (located in your game folder).
  3. Add a subfolder with the name you want (see folder naming convention).
  4. Inside the subfolder:
    • Add a manifest.json file with the ContentPackFor field (see manifest format).
    • Add the files needed by the mod that will read it. (See the instructions for the mod for which you're creating the content pack.)
  5. Launch the game, and make sure your new content pack appears under "Loaded X content packs" in the SMAPI console.

Release your content pack

  1. Add an update key to your manifest (if you haven't already).
  2. Update the Version field in the manifest. (Increase it for each release! SMAPI will use it for update and compatibility checks.)
  3. Create a .zip file containing the content pack's folder.
  4. Upload that file to Nexus Mods.

In your mod description, providing clear install steps will help reduce support questions. Example BBCode:

[*][url=]Install the latest version of SMAPI[/url].
[*][url=<url of required mod>]Install <name of required mod>[/url].
[*]Download this mod and unzip it into [font=Courier New]Stardew Valley/Mods[/font].
[*]Run the game using SMAPI.

Consume a content pack

If you're writing a SMAPI mod which will read content packs, see Modding:Modder Guide/APIs/Content Packs.


These are recommended practices, but they're not required.

Folder name

The folder name should use upper camel case with a prefix showing which mod it's for. For example, a folder named [CP] SampleName is a content pack for Content Patcher.

Here are some common prefixes:

prefix for mod
[ALL] Advanced Location Loader¹
[AHM] Animal Husbandry Mod
[BAGI] Better Artisan Goods Icons
[BFAV] Better Farm Animal Variety
[CF] Custom Furniture
[CFR] Custom Farming Redux
[CM] Custom Music
[CP] Content Patcher
[FR] Farmhouse Redone
[FTM] Farm Type Manager
[JA] Json Assets
[MFM] Mail Framework Mod
[MTN] More Than Necessary
[NA] NPC Adventures
[PFM] Producer Framework Mod
[PP] Pond Painter
[QF] Quest Framework
[STF] Shop Tile Framework
[TMX] TMX Loader

¹ Advanced Location Loader has been mostly replaced by TMX Loader

Folder structure

The folder should contain your manifest.json, the content.json (or the correct json for your framework), and an assets folder that contains any other files your mod uses. This may include pngs, other json files, or tbin files, among others. The assets folder may use further subfolders if you wish, though it is not required.