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This page contains useful info for the back-end data of the various monsters in the game.


Main article: Slimes


Slime sprites are entirely modular, with the associated parts spread out across the sprite sheet. Every slime uses the same grey sprite, coloring it with a tint mask based on the type of slime, along with a random transparency value. Row 1 is used for the idle state and normal movement. Rows 2 through 4, while apparently identical, appear unused in most cases (row 2 appears sporadically at the end of certain attacks, but further testing is needed for exact conditions). Row 5 is used for the attack animation.

Area 6 on the sprite sheet contains assets for the "mating ritual" slimes can go through, as well as their death particles. The mating particles (going clockwise) are used for seeking a mate, rejecting a mate, and receiving a rejection.

Area 7 contains the assets for the eyes. Slime eyes are placed dynamically on their sprite based on their current action. When the slime is facing down, the eyes are placed directly on top of the sprite; when facing left, only the right eye is rendered, and moved slightly left; when facing right, only the left eye is rendered and moved slightly right; when facing up, the eyes are rendered directly behind the slime. The eyes, going clockwise, are used for their idle state, during attacks, during the "evil" state (each slime has a chance to turn "evil" when first hit, and gains a stat boost), and taking damage.

Area 8 is the antenna attached to "male" slimes. It appears to animate independently of the slime itself, rocking back and forth somewhat at random. As with the main sprite, this uses a tint mask to take on the color of the slime variant.

Area 9 is the antenna attached to "special" slimes, and animates in the same way as the "male" antenna. However, this one doesn't use the tint mask, instead using whatever raw color is on the sprite sheet.

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