Oil of Garlic

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Oil of Garlic
Oil of Garlic.png
Drink this and weaker monsters will avoid you.
Source: Crafting
Buff(s): Oil of Garlic Buff.png Oil of Garlic Buff
Buff Duration: Time Icon.png 10m

Energy.png 200 Energy
Health.png 90 Health
Sell Price: Gold.png1,000g
Recipe Source(s): Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 6
Ingredients: Garlic.png Garlic (10)Oil.png Oil (1)

Oil of Garlic is an edible crafted item. The recipe is earned at Combat skill level 6. Consuming Oil of Garlic gives the Oil of Garlic Buff which lasts for 10 minutes (real-time).

The Oil of Garlic Buff prevents floors in The Mines and Skull Cavern from being infested. It also prevents swarms of monsters accompanied by fog on any mine level.

Note: this recipe is profitable - it will always result in profit when using the lowest quality ingredients.


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