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Console Version History

1,795 bytes removed, 22:54, 12 December 2018
1.3: add 'Improved Chinese translations', remove list of changed names/descriptions
::* Fruit Trees cannot be planted on top of decorations in the [[Greenhouse]] border, or in the corners of the Greenhouse.
::* Replaced gold display on player menu from "g" to "金" in [[:zh:|Chinese]].
::* Several Improved Chinese item name changestranslations.<div style="width: 6em; float: left;">&nbsp;</div>{{Collapse|Items|content=<br />*[[Angler]] from "安康鱼" to "鮟鱇鱼".*[[Burglar's Ring]] from "窃贼戒指" to "潜行者戒指".*[[Fried Egg]] from "煎鸡蛋" to "荷包蛋".*[[Frozen Geode]] from "冰封晶洞" to "冰封晶球".*[[Geode]] from "晶洞" to "晶球".*[[J. Cola Light]] from "JOJA可乐灯" to "乔家可乐灯".*[[Joja Cola]] from "JOJA可乐" to "乔家可乐".*[[Joja Community Development Form]] from "JOJA社区发展申请书" to "乔家社区发展申请书".*[[Magma Geode]] from "巨大晶洞" to "岩浆晶球".*[[Omni Geode]] from "万象晶石" to "万象晶球".*[[Poppy]] from "罂粟" to "虞美人".*[[Poppy Seeds]] from "罂粟种子" to "虞美人种子".*[[Poppyseed Muffin]] from "罂粟籽松糕" to "虞美人籽松糕".*[[Sloth Skeleton]] L from "左倾树懒骷髅" to "左倾树懒骨头".*[[Sloth Skeleton]] M from "中树懒骷髅" to "中树懒骨头".*[[Sloth Skeleton]] R from "右树懒骷髅" to "右树懒骨头".*[[Vegetable Medley]] from "混合蔬菜" to "蔬菜杂烩".}}::* Several [[:zh:|Chinese]] item description changes:<div style="width: 6em; float: left;">&nbsp;</div>{{Collapse|Items Changed|content=[[Bait (item)|Bait]], [[Bean Hotpot]], [[Broken CD]], [[Coffee]], [[Copper Bar]], [[Dwarf Gadget]], [[Fried Egg]], [[Fried Mushroom]], [[Frozen Geode]], [[Geode]]. [[Gold Bar]], [[Iridium Bar]], [[Iridium Ore]], [[Iron Bar]], [[Joja Cola]], [[Large Goat Milk]], [[Legend]], [[Magma Geode]], [[Miner's Treat]], [[Omni Geode]], [[Poppy]], [[Sashimi]], [[Skeletal Tail]], [[Slime Incubator]], [[Slimejack]], [[Small Magnet Ring]], [[Sunflower Seeds]], [[Trap Bobber]], [[Tulip]], [[Vampire Ring]], [[Void Salmon]], [[Wicked Statue]], and [[Worm Bin]].}}
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