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===For mod creators===
* [[Modding:IDE reference|IDE reference]]
<ul TYPE="square"><ul type="square">
<li>What Programs to Use
<li>Creating a new mod project
<li>NuGet Packages
<li>Editing existing files
* [[Modding:Editing XNB files|Editing XNB files]]
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<li>What are XNB Files
<li>Unpacking & Packing
<li>Making Changes to XNB Files
* [[Modding:Common tasks|Common tasks (SMAPI Mods)]]
<ul><ul><li>Tracking Changes to a Value<li>Create an Item (Object)<li>Locations<li>Player<li>NPC (See * [[Modding:NPC dataEditing XNB files|Custom NPCsEditing XNB files]] below)<li>UI<li>Menus<li>Harmony<li>Misc. Common Tasks</ul></ul>* [[Modding:MapsIDE reference|How to Edit MapsIDE reference]]<ul><ul><li>Basic Concepts<li>Map Edits<li>Map & Tile Properties<li>An Explanation of the "Paths" Tilesheet</ul></ul>* Custom NPCs:
** [[Modding:NPC data|Overview]]
** [[Modding:Dialogue|Dialogue]]
** [[Modding:Farmer sprite|Farmer sprite]]
** [[Modding:Fish data|Fish]]
** [[Modding:Maps|Maps]]
** [[Modding:Weather data|Weather]]
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