Stone Golem

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Stone Golem
Stone Golem Anim.gif
Spawns In: The Mines
Floors: 30-39
Killable: Yes
Base HP: 45
Base Damage: 5
Base Def: 5
Speed: 2
XP: 5
Variations: Wilderness Golem
Drops: Coal.png Coal (10%)Dwarf Scroll I.png Dwarf Scroll I (0.5%)Dwarf Scroll IV.png Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%)Iron Ore.png Iron Ore (10%)Quartz.png Quartz (10%)Stone.png Stone (90%)

If reached bottom of Mines:

Diamond.png Diamond (0.05%)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

Stone Golems are an enemy found in The Mines.


Mostly hidden by the walls with their dark colors, they wander aimlessly, but damage the player if they collide. They have glowing eyes.


Swing at them with a sword.


  • 1.0: Introduced.