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Tiller Price Bonus

It appears that Fiddlehead Fern gets the Tiller price bonus, at least when shipped. All I know comes from my first shipment of this type of item. It was collected in the Secret Woods and of Iridium quality, since I have the Gatherer and Botanist professions (level 10 Foraging). I also have level 10 Farming, with Tiller and Artisan professions. The advertised selling price should be Gold.png180g, as given in this article, but I received Gold.png198g, a ten-percent raise, which I can explain in no other way than as a Tiller bonus. I have no idea if it works at lower experience levels, but if not, that would be even odder. Butterbur (talk) 02:26, 8 February 2018 (UTC)