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Data dump: Locations.xnb - v1.06

  • data from "Locations.xnb" is used in getFish(...) function to determine the possible fish in seasons.
  • there is an exception in the game code for "Forest" location that only fish with -1, and 1 can be caught at the lake and only fish with -1 and 0 at the river.

Locations.xnb - translated

   ### Farm
       ### UndergroundMine
       ['Green Algae', 'Ghostfish', 'White Algae']
       ### Desert
       ['Green Algae', 'Sandfish', 'Scorpion Carp']
       ### BusStop
       ### Forest (crossed out fish can not be caught at the lake in the forest)
       ['Green Algae', 'Smallmouth Bass', 'Sunfish', 'Catfish', 'Bream', 'Shad', 'Chub']
       ['Green Algae', 'Pike', 'Sunfish', 'Rainbow Trout', 'Bream', 'Shad', 'Dorado', 'Chub']
       ['Green Algae', 'Walleye', 'Smallmouth Bass', 'Catfish', 'Salmon', 'Smallmouth Bass', 'Bream', 'Shad', 'Chub', 'Tiger Trout']
       ['Green Algae', 'Pike', 'Perch', 'Walleye', 'Tiger Trout', 'Catfish', 'Bream', 'Lingcod', 'Chub']
       ### Town
       ['Smallmouth Bass', 'Bream', 'Catfish', 'Sunfish', 'Green Algae', 'Shad']
       ['Rainbow Trout', 'Bream', 'Pike', 'Sunfish', 'Green Algae', 'Shad']
       ['Salmon', 'Smallmouth Bass', 'Bream', 'Walleye', 'Catfish', 'Green Algae', 'Shad', 'Tiger Trout']
       ['Bream', 'Walleye', 'Perch', 'Catfish', 'Pike', 'Green Algae', 'Lingcod', 'Tiger Trout']
       ### Mountain
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Carp', 'Green Algae', 'Chub', 'Bullhead', 'Legend']
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Carp', 'Green Algae', 'Rainbow Trout', 'Chub', 'Bullhead', 'Sturgeon']
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Walleye', 'Carp', 'Green Algae', 'Chub', 'Bullhead']
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Walleye', 'Perch', 'Green Algae', 'Lingcod', 'Chub', 'Bullhead', 'Sturgeon']
       ### Backwoods
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Carp', 'Green Algae', 'Chub', 'Bullhead', 'Legend']
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Carp', 'Green Algae', 'Rainbow Trout', 'Chub', 'Bullhead', 'Sturgeon']
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Walleye', 'Carp', 'Green Algae', 'Chub', 'Bullhead']
       ['Largemouth Bass', 'Walleye', 'Perch', 'Green Algae', 'Lingcod', 'Chub', 'Bullhead', 'Sturgeon']
       ### Railroad
       ### Beach
       ['Anchovy', 'Sardine', 'Herring', 'Eel', 'Seaweed', 'Halibut']
       ['Pufferfish', 'Tuna', 'Red Mullet', 'Octopus', 'Red Snapper', 'Seaweed', 'Super Cucumber', 'Halibut', 'Tilapia']
       ['Anchovy', 'Sardine', 'Eel', 'Red Snapper', 'Seaweed', 'Sea Cucumber', 'Super Cucumber', 'Albacore', 'Tilapia']
       ['Halibut', 'Tuna', 'Sardine', 'Red Mullet', 'Herring', 'Red Snapper', 'Squid', 'Seaweed', 'Sea Cucumber', 'Albacore']
       ### Woods
       ['Woodskip', 'Carp', 'Catfish']
       ### Sewer
       ['Carp', 'Green Algae', 'White Algae']
       ### fishingGame
       ['Green Algae', 'Sunfish', 'Catfish', 'Smallmouth Bass', 'Bream', 'Shad', 'Chub']
       ### Temp
       ['Green Algae', 'Sunfish', 'Catfish', 'Smallmouth Bass', 'Bream', 'Shad', 'Chub']

Ashpool (talk) 16:10, 31 March 2016 (EDT)

Data dump: Fish.xnb - v1.06



      "fishID": "fishName/Difficulty/Behavior/?minSize?/?maxSize-1?/[minTime maxTime][...]/_
       Behavior    : behavoir in minigame
       minTime     : minimum Game.time to catch the fish
       maxTime     : maximum Game.time to catch the fish
       Season      : not used in getFish() function, "location.xnb" is used instead
       Weather     : weather conditons required to catch the fish
       waterDepth  : lower values = higher chance to get into minigame
       multi_1     : baseChance for the fish to get into minigame
       multi_2     : (multi_1 x multi_2) = multiplier for waterDepthBonus calculation
       fishingLevel: level required to catch the fish
    "128": "Pufferfish/80/floater/1/36/1200 1600/summer/sunny/690 .4 685 .1/4/.3/.5/0",
       "129": "Anchovy/30/dart/1/16/600 2600/spring fall/both/682 .2/1/.25/.3/0",
       "130": "Tuna/70/smooth/12/60/600 1900/summer winter/both/689 .35 681 .1/3/.15/.55/0",
       "131": "Sardine/30/dart/1/12/600 1900/spring summer fall winter/both/683 .3/1/.65/.1/0",
       "132": "Bream/35/smooth/12/30/1800 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/684 .35/1/.45/.1/0",
       "136": "Largemouth Bass/50/mixed/11/30/600 1900/spring summer fall winter/both/685 .35/3/.4/.2/0",
       "137": "Smallmouth Bass/28/mixed/12/24/600 2600/spring fall/both/682 .2/1/.45/.1/0",
       "138": "Rainbow Trout/45/mixed/10/25/600 1900/summer/sunny/684 .35/2/.35/.3/0",
       "139": "Salmon/50/mixed/24/65/600 1900/fall/both/684 .35/3/.4/.2/0",
       "140": "Walleye/45/smooth/10/40/1200 2600/fall winter/rainy/680 .35/2/.4/.15/0",
       "141": "Perch/35/dart/10/24/600 2600/winter/both/683 .2/1/.45/.1/0",
       "142": "Carp/15/mixed/15/50/600 2600/spring summer fall/both/682 .2/1/.45/.1/0",
       "143": "Catfish/75/mixed/12/72/600 2400/spring fall winter/rainy/689 .4 680 .1/4/.4/.1/0",
       "144": "Pike/60/dart/15/60/600 2600/summer winter/both/690 .3 681 .1/3/.4/.15/0",
       "145": "Sunfish/30/mixed/5/15/600 1900/spring summer/sunny/683 .2/1/.45/.1/0",
       "146": "Red Mullet/55/smooth/8/22/600 1900/summer winter/both/680 .25/2/.4/.15/0",
       "147": "Herring/25/dart/8/20/600 2600/spring winter/both/685 .2/1/.45/.1/0",
       "148": "Eel/70/smooth/12/80/1600 2600/spring fall/rainy/689 .35 680 .1/3/.55/.1/0",
       "149": "Octopus/95/sinker/12/48/600 1300/summer/both/688 .6 684 .1/5/.1/.08/0",
       "150": "Red Snapper/40/mixed/8/25/600 1900/summer fall winter/rainy/682 .25/2/.45/.1/0",
       "151": "Squid/75/sinker/12/48/1800 2600/winter/both/690 .35 680 .1/3/.35/.3/0",
       "152": "Seaweed/5/floater/5/30/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/-1/0/.3/0/0",
       "153": "Green Algae/5/floater/5/30/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/-1/0/.3/0/0",
       "154": "Sea Cucumber/40/sinker/3/20/600 1900/fall winter/both/683 .2 689 .4/3/.25/.25/0",
       "155": "Super Cucumber/80/sinker/12/36/1800 2600/summer winter/both/683 .2 689 .4/4/.1/.25/0",
       "156": "Ghostfish/50/mixed/10/35/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/684 .35/2/.3/.3/0",
       "157": "White Algae/5/floater/5/30/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/-1/0/.3/0/0",
       "158": "Stonefish/65/sinker/15/15/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/689 .2/2/.1/.1/3",
       "159": "Crimsonfish/95/mixed/20/20/600 2000/winter/both/690 .15/4/.1/.1/5",
       "160": "Angler/85/smooth/18/18/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/690 .1/4/.05/.1/3",
       "161": "Ice Pip/85/dart/8/8/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/682 .1/2/.05/.1/5",
       "162": "Lava Eel/90/mixed/32/32/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/684 .1/2/.05/.1/7",
       "163": "Legend/110/mixed/50/50/600 2000/spring summer fall winter/rainy/688 .05/5/0/.1/10",
       "164": "Sandfish/65/mixed/8/24/600 2000/spring summer fall winter/both/682 .2/1/.65/.1/0",
       "165": "Scorpion Carp/90/dart/12/32/600 2000/spring summer fall winter/both/683 .4/2/.15/.1/4",
       "372": "Clam/trap/.15/681 .35/ocean/1/5",
       "682": "Mutant Carp/80/dart/36/36/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/688 .1/5/0/.02/0",
       "698": "Sturgeon/78/mixed/12/60/600 1900/summer winter/both/689 .35 682 .1/3/.35/.2/0",
       "699": "Tiger Trout/60/dart/10/20/600 1900/spring summer fall winter/both/688 .45 685 .2/3/.2/.1/0",
       "700": "Bullhead/46/smooth/12/30/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/681 .25/2/.35/.2/0",
       "701": "Tilapia/50/mixed/11/30/600 1400/summer fall/both/683 .35/3/.4/.2/0",
       "702": "Chub/35/dart/12/24/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/684 .35/1/.45/.1/0",
       "704": "Dorado/78/mixed/24/32/600 1900/summer/both/689 .35 681 .1/3/.15/.1/0",
       "705": "Albacore/60/mixed/20/40/600 1100 1800 2600/fall winter/both/685 .35/3/.3/.15/0",
       "706": "Shad/45/smooth/20/48/900 2600/spring summer fall/rainy/684 .35/2/.35/.2/0",
       "707": "Lingcod/85/mixed/30/50/600 2600/winter/both/690 .4 685 .2/3/.3/.05/0",
       "708": "Halibut/50/sinker/10/33/600 1100 1900 2600/spring summer winter/both/681 .35/3/.4/.2/0",
       "715": "Lobster/trap/.05/688 .45 689 .35 690 .35/ocean/2/20",
       "716": "Crayfish/trap/.35/682 .4/freshwater/1/8",
       "717": "Crab/trap/.1/684 .45/ocean/1/20",
       "718": "Cockle/trap/.3/680 .2/ocean/1/5",
       "719": "Mussel/trap/.35/683 .15/ocean/1/5",
       "720": "Shrimp/trap/.2/681 .35/ocean/1/3",
       "721": "Snail/trap/.25/680 .35/freshwater/1/5",
       "722": "Periwinkle/trap/.55/681 .35/freshwater/1/3",
       "723": "Oyster/trap/.15/682 .35/ocean/1/5",
       "734": "Woodskip/50/mixed/11/30/600 2600/spring summer fall winter/both/685 .35/3/.2/.1/0",
       "775": "Glacierfish/100/mixed/27/27/600 2000/winter/sunny/688 .1/5/0/.02/7"

Catch Catfish at Summer in Secret Forest pond, day 19, rainy, from 1pm till night, fishing 9. Fenume (talk) 19:07, 8 March 2016 (EST)

Don't edit the page based off the fish xml file. It is not actually correct. Legend, for example, can in fact only be caught in Spring. - Prens
Is there evidence to support that the files are wrong? Maybe a screenshot or some video footage? I'm sure there are a lot of videos of the game so far. I'm still only on my first winter so I'll try to see if I can get evidence to support your claim in the spring. Though I sincerely hope you are wrong about the game files being unreliable. -- Kapra (talk) 19:09, 12 March 2016 (EST)
I made sure to do some testing myself with Legend, I tried all day on several rainy days outside of Spring and never saw Legend once, but on the first rainy day of Spring there it was. You will hook Legend several times in a day if you are able to. There is no way to 100% prove that you can't catch it, it would be much easier to prove that you can catch it out of season. There are several instances of the file being wrong, here are a couple of examples: Reddit users comment on datamining the file. In-game Lost Book with correct information (So the file is wrong for 3 legendary fish, let alone standard fish). --Prens (talk) 22:40, 12 March 2016 (EST)
Oh I misunderstood, I thought you meant it couldn't be caught in spring. In that case yeah, it'd be hard to disprove. -- Kapra (talk) 03:22, 13 March 2016 (EDT)
I just caught a Walleye at 10:20pm in the Forest Lake. Didn't take a screenshot because I didn't know it was a contentious issue; I shall try to catch another before midnight. Rashkavar (talk) 02:42, 23 March 2016 (EDT)

Non-English localisations have an extra section for the translated/display name, the legend for these is: "fishID": "fishName/Difficulty/Behavior/?minSize?/?maxSize-1?/[minTime maxTime][...]/Season/Weather/???/waterDepth/multi_1/multi_2/fishingLevel/displayName" - the original legend is still correct for the English localisation (tested on v1.3.36) Ceasg (talk) 19:20, 6 September 2019 (UTC)

Data dump: "stardewvalley.exe" - legendary fish

  • Conditions to catch legendary fish out of "stardewvalley.exe" getfish() override functions
   fishCaught(..) function may be buggy
       775: Glacierfish - Locations.Forest
       && rnd(0.00-0.99) < 0.5 && Season = winter && getTileX == 58 && getTileY == 87 
       && FishingLevel >= 6 && waterDepth >= 3 && fishCaught(775) != True
       159: Crimsonfish - Locations.Beach
       && rnd(0.00-0.99) < 0.18 && Season = summer && getTileX > 82
       && FishingLevel >= 5 && waterDepth >= 3 && fishCaught(159) != True
       160: Angler - Locations.Town
       && rnd(0.00-0.99) < 0.2 && Season = fall && getTileLocation.Y < 15f
       && FishingLevel >= 3 && fishCaught(160) != True
       163: Legend - Locations.Mountain
       && rnd(0.00-0.99) < 0.1 && Season = spring && isRaining = True
       && FishingLevel >= 10 && waterDepth >= 4 && fishCaught(163) != True
       682: Mutant Carp - Locations.Sewer
       && rnd(0.00-0.99) < 0.1 && getTileX > 14 && getTileY > 42
       && fishCaught(682) != True

Ashpool (talk) 16:10, 31 March 2016 (EDT)


Shouldn't Trash be included in this page? IRodri (talk) 15:11, 5 March 2016 (EST)

"Night Fish"

This page says Walleyes are found from 7Pm to 2AM. I just caught a Walleye at the lake in the fall on a rainy stormy day at 1:10PM. -- Kapra (talk) 02:42, 10 March 2016 (EST)

Fish Times

I had a bite by Glacierfish at 10:20PM. This page currently says 10PM is the latest you can catch it. Here is a screenshot. -- Kapra (talk) 04:40, 13 March 2016 (EDT)

Edit: Twice since then I've gotten a bite at 10:50PM, I'm pretty sure 11PM is the real end time. -- Kapra (talk) 05:48, 13 March 2016 (EDT)

I too have had a recent after-hours bite. Mine was after midnight, plus a number of others before. Was able to capture a screenshot(below).

Fighting Glacierfish after 12am

--Alcamar (talk) 04:46, 11 December 2016 (UTC)

Glacierfish Time

Code from Forest.cs::getFish

public override StardewValley.Object getFish(float millisecondsAfterNibble, int bait, int waterDepth, Farmer who, double baitPotency)
     if (Game1.currentSeason.Equals("winter") && who.getTileX() == 58 && 
         who.getTileY() == 87 && who.FishingLevel >= 6 && !who.fishCaught.ContainsKey(775) && 
         waterDepth >= 3 && Game1.random.NextDouble() < 0.5)
          return new StardewValley.Object(775, 1, false, -1, 0);
     return base.getFish(millisecondsAfterNibble, bait, waterDepth, who, baitPotency);

The item # for Glacierfish is 775. There is nothing about a time limit in this code. Thanks to Zelda for correcting the time to "Anytime." --margotbean (talk) 00:28, 26 February 2017 (UTC)

Time/Location Charts

Perhaps it would be better to redo the time charts and group them by seasons first then location. Would be more useful for the player to be able to look at one chart for the season they are in. Also I would suggest separating the Forest/River and Forest/Pond into 2 subsections. This would involve a few duplicate entries but would make seeing the possible fish per location easier. Finally I would also suggest placing the sunny fish at the top of each subsection and rainy fish at the bottom of each subsection so there is one continuous block of fish per season per location regardless of current weather. --Mavoc (talk) 06:57, 14 March 2016 (EDT)

Why not have both. Could have tables by location and tables by season and put them in a collapsible. Also they don't have to be in image form, you can make something relatively similar with some coding. -- Kapra (talk) 22:03, 14 March 2016 (EDT)

Legend fish

I discovered that legendary fish can be caught multiple times as I got 5 "Legends" in a day.

Here's proof : --Felissie (talk) 01:36, 15 March 2016 (EST)

I second this, I just encountered the legend again, on a completely different day. Unsure if this was intended or an error, but it should be stated on the page either way. -- Kapra (talk) 04:41, 18 March 2016 (EDT)

Since a lot of people are still changing Legend to all seasons, I will repeat this: The Fish XML file is incorrect. CA referred to the XML in his "confirmation" tweet. You will not catch Legend outside of Spring. --Prens (talk) 23:34, 18 March 2016 (EDT)

I have edited the page to say Legend can be caught multiple times since I have experienced this myself and confirmed what Felissie has said. I have yet to test if this is true for any other legendary fish or if Legend is able to be caught outside of Spring. -- Kapra (talk) 18:02, 20 March 2016 (EDT)

I've been digging through the code and fish xnb, and can confirm that the Legend, Crimsonfish, and Glacierfish are only available to be caught from 0600 to 2000 (or 6am to 8pm, as 2am is 2600). Alphablackwolf (talk) 20:16, 29 November 2016 (EST)

Lava Eel

Nothing big, but could somebody check the price for the Lava Eel? I got for a gold quality Lava Eel 1575g, not 1050g. Sum2k3 (talk) 10:20, 17 March 2016 (EDT)

Do you have the Fisher and Angler professions? Those increase the selling price of fish by 25% and 50% respectively. Dynamic1285 (talk) 11:02, 19 March 2016 (EDT)
Yeah.. I might have forgotten about those two things. Nevermind my stupidity. Sum2k3 (talk) 13:15, 23 March 2016 (EDT)

Default sort is no longer in in-game order

Shouldn't the default sort order reflect the order of the in-game collection screen? It makes identifying missing fish significantly easier. This was changed this revision. Now that it's alphabetised by default, it can't be sorted by in-game order. If you need it alphabetised you can just click the column heading ( ´_ゝ`) Zornor (talk) 08:54, 23 March 2016 (EDT)

Thanks User:Oath2order, that was driving me nuts, and I couldn't bring myself to re-edit it all into the appropriate order. Zornor (talk) 00:07, 4 April 2016 (EDT)


Catfish was incorrectly listed as catchable in Winter, has been removed. Oakpack4 (talk) 18:22, 7 July 2016 (EDT)

Smallmouth Bass in mountain lake discrepency

There's a discrepancy about about whether Smallmouth Bass appears in the mountain lake. It does, according to 1) the "Fish Infographic", 2) the table of links at the bottom of this page, and 3) the Smallmouth Bass page, but it doesn't according to 1) the "Fish Types" table and 2)the "Time and Locations" table. Pink Photon (talk) 14:38, 6 August 2016 (EDT)

Crab pot percentages inaccurate?

The chances of getting each type of fish add up to more than 100% - ocean varieties come to a total of 130% and freshwater 115%. I'm not sure where the numbers were obtained, but is it possible to verify them? Vryl (talk) 20:27, 10 November 2016 (UTC)

The crabpot percentages displayed on the page are the values from Data/Fish.xnb.
For Mariners, these percentages mean nothing. Each Ocean fish has 1/7 (≈14.29%) chance to be caught, each Freshwater fish has 1/3 (≈33.33%) chance to be caught, and junk has 0 chance to be caught.
For non-Mariners, these numbers represent the branches of the probability tree, where each fish in sequence is only rolled for if the previous fish was not caught (i.e. Lobster is only rolled for if Clam was not caught).
Non-Mariner Ocean Fish Catch Rates:
  • 0.8
    • 0.15 = 12% Clam
    • 0.85
      • 0.05 = 3.4% Lobster
      • 0.95
        • 0.1 = 6.46% Crab
        • 0.9
          • 0.3 = 17.442% Cockle
          • 0.7
            • 0.35 = 14.2443% Mussel
            • 0.65
              • 0.2 = 5.29074% Shrimp
              • 0.8
                • 0.15 = 3.174444% Oyster
                • 0.85
                  • 0.2 = 3.5977032% Trash
                  • 0.2 = 3.5977032% Driftwood
                  • 0.2 = 3.5977032% Broken Glasses
                  • 0.2 = 3.5977032% Broken CD
                  • 0.2 = 3.5977032% Soggy Newspaper
  • 0.2
    • 0.2 = 4% Trash
    • 0.2 = 4% Driftwood
    • 0.2 = 4% Broken Glasses
    • 0.2 = 4% Broken CD
    • 0.2 = 4% Soggy Newspaper
 Non-Mariner Ocean Fish Catch Rate Sum =
 + 0.8 *0.15
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.05
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.1
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.3
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.35
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.8 *0.15
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.8 *0.85 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.8 *0.85 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.8 *0.85 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.8 *0.85 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.85 *0.95 *0.9 *0.7 *0.65 *0.8 *0.85 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 = 1
Non-mariner Freshwater Fish Catch Rates:
  • 0.8
    • 0.35 = 28% Crayfish
    • 0.65
      • 0.25 = 13% Snail
      • 0.75
        • 0.55 = 21.45% Periwinkle
        • 0.45
          • 0.2 = 3.51% Trash
          • 0.2 = 3.51% Driftwood
          • 0.2 = 3.51% Broken Glasses
          • 0.2 = 3.51% Broken CD
          • 0.2 = 3.51% Soggy Newspaper
  • 0.2
    • 0.2 = 4% Trash
    • 0.2 = 4% Driftwood
    • 0.2 = 4% Broken Glasses
    • 0.2 = 4% Broken CD
    • 0.2 = 4% Soggy Newspaper
 Non-Mariner Freshwater Fish Catch Rate Sum =
 + 0.8 *0.35
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.25
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.75 *0.55
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.75 *0.45 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.75 *0.45 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.75 *0.45 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.75 *0.45 *0.2
 + 0.8 *0.65 *0.75 *0.45 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 + 0.2 *0.2
 = 1
Thanks for finding the inconsistency! :) --BryghtShadow (talk) 12:32, 11 November 2016 (UTC)

Thank you for clearing that up. I'm a little surprised the junk chances are that high! I took the liberty of copying the percentages for non-mariners over to the crab pot page - I would have done the mariners too, but I haven't done much of this editing stuff and didn't want to screw anything up. Vryl (talk) 21:53, 11 November 2016 (UTC)

Inacurate data?

I just caught an Ice Pip with 9 inch. possible sizes include 7-8 inch. So... there is that. XJoschYZ (talk) 03:08, 27 January 2017‎

I've updated the page and the Ice Pip page to reflect this new info. --Vg-tal (talk) 21:58, 28 January 2017 (UTC)

Fish, Forage, and Iridium Quality

I've always thought of Fishing as a kind of foraging. You certainly don't pick and choose what you're going to get. So what if you need tools (poles)? You forage trees with an axe, other things with a hoe. You forage some things you can also catch with a crab pot, and you get trash and algae as well as fish when you fish.

Yes, I understand that the game doesn't categorize items in this real-life-sense manner. But it does work at simulating those manners, and it mixes its categories, too: Coffee Beans are both crop and seed, Grapes are both crop and forage, Clams are "inedible" fish that can be either trapped (crab pots) or foraged (beach).

So, consider Grapes and Clams as examples. They can occur in Iridium quality, when they are clearly "foraged". So how many different kinds of fish (and which ones) can also occur in Iridium quality? Beach forage, clearly, and their articles list that. But the Crab article doesn't, although Crabs can be foraged in the mines. And the Largemouth Bass article doesn't, though that item can be found in a trash can. There are other examples, probably some I've never experienced. In fact, is it really clear just what the game does or can do with its definitions of "foraging"? It is in fact trying to blur the boundaries of definitions already. Does Iridium quality blend into the blurs? And what then of the articles?

I know: I'm asking a nasty question (from the standpoint of responding). But it's actually worse than that. It's that documenting Iridium quality on an article page requires knowledge of how to control specific templates, and that's a skill not many editors have. So the Wiki probably won't benefit from everyone's input. In addition, do the templates we have actually provide a clear or simple means to including iridium quality in their calculations and displays? I've been seeing calculation problems, but user interface is probably also a consideration that could be looked at.

I offer these thoughts as a placeholder for those who work on templates, and as a reminder of places to look at for information coverage - because it's clear it isn't all there even now, and some of these things could change in any new version.

This is actually not all bad. This game can be subtle, and that also makes it more fun to play. :) Butterbur (talk) 03:57, 26 April 2017 (BST)

While I'm at it, why not ask about Fisher or Angler profession bonuses? Do you have to have a rod in your hand (or pot in the water) for them to apply? Grapes would suggest that you do. Butterbur (talk) 04:02, 26 April 2017 (BST)

Turning Fish into Sashimi

A scan of the existing table makes it clear that it is considered good to turn fish valued at Gold.png70g or less into Sashimi, but not those valued at Gold.png75g or above.

However. First, note that Anchovy, Carp, Herring, and Sunfish have a base value of Gold.png30g, just like Mussels. Therefore, their iridium+Fisher values are Gold.png75g. Oops. That shouldn't be for Sashimi, just like Mussels. And their iridium+Angler values are Gold.png90g, while their gold+Angler values are Gold.png67g, just like Mussels. So, ok for gold, but not for iridium.

That leaves Periwinkles, at a base value of Gold.png20g and iridium+Angler of Gold.png60g as the only fish cheap enough to qualify for profitable Sashimi production under all conditions.

I have corrected the table. Butterbur (talk) 17:30, 12 December 2017 (UTC)

Only foraged fish come in iridium quality. margotbean (talk) 17:50, 12 December 2017 (UTC)
Ok, thanks. Not having ever chosen the Botanist profession, I overlooked that limitation. However, the Crab Pot Fish table lists an iridium Periwinkle. Where does that come from? Butterbur (talk) 06:50, 13 December 2017 (UTC)
That's probably a copy/paste error. You can't get iridium Periwinkle. margotbean (talk) 07:34, 13 December 2017 (UTC)

1.3 Updates New Fish

The new update includes three new deep water ocean fish. These can only be acquired during the Night Market event on Winter 15, 16,and 17. The market is at the beach and starts at 5 p.m. The leftmost boat on the dock will have a man inside who offers to take you on a deep sea dive for 1,000g. Once you reach the ocean floor, a wide panel will open up allowing the player to fish. I've also caught a sea cucumber and a super cucumber.

Midnight Squid: A strange and mysterious denizen of the ocean's twilight depths. Base Value: 100g

Spook Fish: The huge eyes can detect the faint silhouettes of prey. Base Value: 220g

Blobfish: This odd creature floats above the ocean floor, consuming any edible material in its path. Base Value: 500g

Disclaimer: Sorry for any grammatical or formatting errors. This is my first time posting on a wiki page and I just wanted to help other players out. I'm not sure if this counts for the Master Angler achievement as I had already earned it prior to the recent update. Ilovefood36 (talk) 22:44, 12 May 2018 (BST)

Ghostfish on Level 100

Although I personally cannot figure out why, the ghostfish cannot be caught at level 100 of the mines. The edit was made by a Chucklefish developer, and approved by the wiki admin. (Without providing a code reference, most likely due to non-disclosure agreements.) Thanks Tccoxon for providing the info! margotbean (talk) 21:04, 22 June 2018 (BST)

Potential additional places to catch crimsonfish

I just hooked a legendary fish to the right of MermaidAmuletMan, on the shore of the ocean. Summer, evening, raining. Currently the guide says crimsonfish can only be caught off the end of the right pier! Raineywhether (talk) 21:24, 3 August 2018 (BST)

Well, that is strange! The code hasn't changed, and from what I can tell, neither has the map. The Crimsonfish requires you to stand at tile 82 or to the right of it (which is the leftmost tile of the eastern pier) and cast into deep water (waterDepth >= 3). It doesn't seem like the light blue water would be deep enough. We'll have to keep an eye out for anyone else who can hook one in shallow water. margotbean (talk) 23:20, 3 August 2018 (BST)
Update: I have seen at least one streamer catch a Crimsonfish off the beach while in multiplayer. However, I was unable to do so in singleplayer. After trying for some time, I used an insta-catch mod and caught about 50 fish, none of which was the Crimsonfish. When I moved to the pier, I caught it on the first cast. It may be a multiplayer bug. margotbean (talk) 16:12, 24 August 2018 (BST)


I caught a walleye in mountain lake at 10:10. I already changed it but the wiki said that you could catch it at 12-2 am. XineFed (talk) 19:03, 8 august 2018

Unless you caught it at 10:10am, the page is correct: 12pm - 2am. margotbean (talk) 18:07, 8 August 2018 (BST)
Oh misread it sorry for the inconvenience. XineFed (talk) 21:12, 8 august 2018
No problem, it happens. margotbean (talk) 17:05, 9 August 2018 (BST)
I caught it twice before 12pm in Town River: First one in ~11pm, second in 11:30pm. - Pickpocke (talk) 12:29, 19 July 2019 (UTC)
S.M.H. margotbean (talk) 19:09, 19 July 2019 (UTC)
Pickpocke, 12pm is noon, not midnight. Butterbur (talk) 04:13, 20 July 2019 (UTC)
My bad, sorry - Pickpocke (talk) 11:47, 23 July 2019 (UTC)

Night Market Fish

It seems that these fishes can only be caught in normal and silver quality, because of the shape/size of the submarine trapdoor: there is no zones far from walk-able areas. It's very similar to small ponds (in the farm, the desert and the secret woods), with the difference that you'll never get trash, but lots of seaweed instead.

I have tested different spots, including several pool of bubles, but without sensible difference between them. Here are the numbers of the 3 nights (until midnight) using a iridium pole, no baits and no boosts, fishing skill 8:

Fish Normal Silver Gold
Blobfish 2 1 0
Spook Fish 5 4 0
Midnight Squid 11 6 0
Sea Cucumber 6 4 0
Super Cucumber 1 0 0
Seaweed 41

I couldn't catch some very hard fishes (probably Octopus or Super Cucumber).

I wouldn't add any note about this before doing more tests, or before reaching skill level 10. Although fishing on the surface I can already catch almost 100% of fishes with gold quality. For now, it seems the gold quality for them is just a theoretical possibility.

I have noticed this myself. But have not tested with fishing level 10 either. The code that determines which fish you catch is in Submarine::getFish, which sets all fish to normal quality. Obviously there's something more to it, but where in the code is it?? margotbean (talk) 11:54, 14 August 2018 (BST)
This post on the forums may explain what's happening:
If it's possible to get silver quality fish, then it must be possible to get gold quality, based on the code I looked at, and ShneekeyTheLost's analysis. It is in the code somewhere, I just can't point to it (yet). margotbean (talk) 15:27, 26 August 2018 (BST)
Very good post there. I understand what he says and agree 100% with that, except about the RNG part, that I cannot approve or deny, as I can't check the code, and as I've never had an in-game experience (like others have reported) to catch gold quality fishes where we 99% of time would only catch normal and silver. (EDITED: The table to reflect the 3 nights fishing results). -- Sapador (talk) 18:41, 31 August 2018 (BST)

Quality and profession modifiers

When these are applied, the wiki rounds non-integer results in a slightly different way to the game, but I'm not a coder, this is purely from observations, so I don't know exactly where the error comes in. When you sell a quality fish, first the game multiplies the base value by the quality modifier, rounds the result down to the nearest whole number. Then it checks your profession and multiplies the rounded result by the profession modifier, and rounds down again. The wiki stacks the two modifiers and only rounds down once, so the order matters in the game, but not in the wiki.

E.g. If you have a gold carp (+50%) and Fisher (+25%) it will sell for 56g (30×1.5=45 and 45×1.25=56.25 rounds to 56). The wiki lists this correctly. But if you have a silver carp (+25%) and Angler (+50%) it will only sell for 55g (30×1.25=37.5 rounds to 37 and 37×1.5=55.5 rounds to 55). But the wiki lists the latter at 56g as well, which is incorrect by 1g.

This also affects other fish, e.g. sunfish same as carp, silver chub with Fisher should be 77g not 78g, smallmouth bass same as chub, silver bullhead with Fisher should be 116g not 117g and there are probably others

I have no idea how to fix the wiki

One More Day (talk) 11:14, 8 September 2018 (BST)

I am aware of the problem. Unfortunately there is no simple solution, since the problem occurs between two template calls. The problem also affects crops, wine prices, etc. margotbean (talk) 16:24, 8 September 2018 (BST)
I think I've fixed it. Numberland (talk) 00:58, 4 January 2020 (UTC)

There is also another problem in this area. Foraged beach items include some types of crab pot fish. The foraged items may be of varying qualities, but those caught in a crab pot are always of regular quality, and are considered "caught", so they earn Fishing experience points and are supposed to get any Fishing profession price bonuses when sold. Foraged crab pot fish receive only higher quality (if anything), but not price bonuses. However, the game file does not record whether or not an item is foraged or fished (same thing for forage and crop items). Hence, once a day's file is saved and reloaded, there is no way for the game to tell whether or not a fishing (tilling) bonus price applies to an item. In the case of crab pot fish, I think all regular quality items that can be foraged are treated as forage: no bonus. (That would need to be confirmed if you're interested. Or maybe I'm just remembering Clams, a special case.) Butterbur (talk) 21:07, 5 October 2018 (BST)

Calling Qualityprice with wrong values

I haven't been able to get qualityprice to work with running floor/trunc twice - the reason I was attempted this is @margotbean reverted my edit that fixed this page calling qualityprice with the wrong values. So here consider Bream gold and Angler. Angler has a base value for 67g (having rounded down) giving gold 67*1.5 = 100.5 which again rounds down to 100g for gold value but this page has 101g because it calls quality price with 67.5 not 67. The correct fix IMO is to call qualityprice with the value 67 by giving that using trunc/floor on this page. Putting them in the template causes an error if I try it. Numberland (talk) 00:53, 4 January 2020 (UTC)

Fixed it, misunderstood templates for a minute there. Numberland (talk) 00:59, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
Template:Qualityprice is used on pages other than fish. Have you checked for errors on all pages? This template is used in 12 languages, please don't take edits to it lightly. margotbean (talk) 01:05, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
You literally said to fix it there! I don't know how to get a list of the pages that uses the template however I have checked a few I can think of and further given my change works here it shouldn't cause any issues unless a non-number is passed but that would already cause an error as it's immediately then multiplied by a number. So, confident this shouldn't have broken anything, not taking it lightly. Numberland (talk) 01:15, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
There is a link in the left sidebar "What links here". margotbean (talk) 01:25, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
I was asleep no need to revert given I'd said there was no way it could cause an error. What do you mean "Template changes need to be made in 12 languages." I haven't changed the description since this is a fix, and doesn't the same file work in all languages? Can you please put it back I don't know how to regain my earlier edits. Numberland (talk) 05:51, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
The "error" I was referring to was the quality prices for all items that use the template. If you use the "what links here" link, you'll see that Template:Infobox uses Template:Qualityprice, which means the majority of 2000 pages use it. I was simply asking if you'd checked those pages for price accuracy. Crops and Artisan Goods in particular may be affected.
Images are shared across wikis, but templates are not, they need to be manually copied to other languages. So, changes made in English need to be manually copied to all 12 languages, to keep the wiki consistent. margotbean (talk) 14:53, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
Okay, so yes, I had checked that for a range of values. Can you please put it back and if you do I can migrate to the other languages. Numberland (talk) 17:28, 4 January 2020 (UTC)
What range of values? Silver and gold quality wine are particularly troublesome, they all need to be checked. Fruits, veg, cheese? margotbean (talk) 17:35, 4 January 2020 (UTC)

Legendary Fish

Legendary fish require a clearwaterDistance/depth of 5 before they can be hooked. Unlike regular fish, this is a hard requirement. BlaDe (talk) 19:30, 30 January 2020 (UTC)