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Spawning Mechanics

The discussion about spawning mechanics are either erroneous or (to my mind) misleading. The problem revolves around the numberOfSpawnedObjectsOnMap variable in the code, and how/when it is *reduced*.

This page suggests that, if you gather forageables (keeping it, say, at a maximum of 2), the variable is reduced, maximizing your chances of spawning new forageables.

This is actually incorrect: the variable is increased when new forageables are spawned, but it is *not* decreased by gathering. It is only the weekly reset on Sundays that resets this value to 0. It's quite possible this is a bug, but it is definitely true (provable true prediction).

Effectively: the cap of "6 forageables" is a *weekly* effect, not a daily one.

As a consequence, there is (nearly; only modulo the extremely unlikely event of collision, meaning a new forageable trying-but-failing to spawn on top of an old one) little value in gathering forageables before Saturday. --Unsigned comment by Mon (talk) 16:55, 11 January 2022