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Multiplayer loading screen

Since of YouTube videos of people playing multiplayer and the other people loading into another part of Stardew Valley that is not anywhere on The Farm and not The Player that is hosting, the game will say "Loading..." at the bottom left corner of the black screen for about 1-5 in-game frames. Do you know why ConcernedApe decided to do this for multiplayer games where the only exclusion is the host for this? I'll let you decide. 9000 (talk) 8:40, 2 September 2022 (UTC)

The "loading" message appears whenever the game takes a while to load, for the host, for single players, and for anyone in a multiplayer game. margotbean (talk) 19:12, 2 September 2022 (UTC)

Sleep Announcements

This article mentions the command /sleepannouncemode, but not the actual sleep announcements (which don't appear anywhere on the wiki). If the farmer passes out in the volcano dungeon, the hospital, the saloon, Linus' tent, or the sewer, a location-specific announcement will be displayed in the chat. In the case of sleep in a bed or passing out in any other location, there is first a 75% chance that the game will take the time of day into account (absent in the case of passing out), in which case the sleep announcement may be picked from the early or late sets. The game then rolls 2 25% chances to increment the announcement number, meaning announcements 1 2 and 3 of a set have chances 56.25%, 37.5%, and 6.25% respectively (from startSleep() in GameLocation.cs and passOutFromTired() in Farmer.cs). I don't know where on this article this would go, or if there is another article better suited for it.

The announcements are as follows:

Location-specific (from UI.xnb, Chat_PassedOut_VolcanoDungeon to Chat_PassedOut_Sewer):

  • VolcanoDungeon: "{0} is sleeping in the volcano tonight..."
  • Hospital: "{0} is spending the night in the hospital."
  • Saloon: "{0} fell asleep in the saloon."
  • Tent: "{0} fell asleep in Linus' tent."
  • Sewer: "{0} nodded off in the sewer."

Chance-affected (from UI.xnb, Chat_GoneToBedEarly0 to Chat_PassedOut2): Early (<6:00PM):

  1. "{0} is calling it an early night."
  2. "{0} is going to bed early today."
  3. "{0} is turning in early today."


  1. "{0} has gone to bed."
  2. "{0} has tucked into bed."
  3. "{0} is hitting the sack."

Late (>1:30AM):

  1. "{0} has made it to bed!"
  2. "{0} has made it to bed, safe and sound!"
  3. "Whew! {0} has made it to bed!"

Passed out:

  1. "{0} has passed out!"
  2. "{0} didn't make it to bed..."
  3. "{0} stayed out too late..."
Hello anonymous editor! I don't think there's another page where this info belongs, so this page is it. I think it would be wise to wait for v1.6 to release before adding it to the page, though, as the names of the data files and/or the names of the messages may change. margotbean (talk) 15:26, 3 November 2023 (UTC)