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Mushroom cave processing

The information on the mushroom cave appears to be incorrect. The mushrooms are always ready for harvest immediately upon waking up every day. Is this something that needs to be updated to account for a patch?Aranaya (talk) 07:14, 5 September 2021 (UTC)

Good question! I had noticed the same thing in my own most recent playthrough, but I will check the code for changes tomorrow. margotbean (talk) 03:52, 5 September 2021 (UTC)
I remember seeing that mentioned somewhere, not the forums. I expect it must have been release notes for v1.5 or its updates. I have been depending on this game behavior and find it entirely consistent. Giles (talk) 15:11, 5 September 2021 (UTC)
The v1.5 change notes say that many machines' processing times were changed to be every morning instead of depending on the time when the player went to bed. Here's where it gets confusing: the change notes (and the game code) seem to indicate that it should be every other day, but this is not what I've observed in-game with 2 separate save files. So, I've changed the page to reflect in-game behavior. Understanding the code will have to come later. Thank you for pointing this out! margotbean (talk) 18:44, 5 September 2021 (UTC)
A year later and Tyler figures it out - the minutesUntilReady are calculated but never set. Atravita (talk) 15:33, 18 October 2022 (UTC)