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Ginger Island


So with the new mechanic of random villagers going to Ginger Island when the beach resort is built (and open) that kind of messes up the daily schedules a bit (and makes it inconsistent with what the wiki currently has). I am wondering if anyone has a way to easily figure out if there's a pattern for when people visit (that way they can be put under "deviations" for everyone). Also for most of the villagers they have unique dialogue when they are on the island, but that's not in any of the NPC pages, so I'd appreciate it if people helped me with that (because I don't think I can gather that information alone).

I am aware that this is not a request to improve this page specifically, but it affects so many villagers' pages that I think making a request here is necessary.

User314159 (talk) 20:53, 3 October 2021 (UTC)