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Golden Walnuts

For pretty much every playthrough I've done (which is a lot), the very first common chest and rare chest I open always gives a Golden Walnut. I am wondering if there is any game code that would back this statement up, as I've never had a playthrough where this didn't happen. If this is the case, it should be mentioned on this page. User314159 (talk) 02:09, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

Common Chests yielding 3 Cinder Shards rather than 1

Each time I open a Common Chest in the Volcano Dungeon, and it dropping Cinder Shards, the amount of Cinder Shards dropped from this type of chest is 3 rather than 1. While the wiki says it only yields just 1, for me, it is 3, which is not correct. Feel free to check the game code if I am correct. 9000 (talk) 8:56, 25 September 2022 (UTC)

The game code says that only 1 should drop. Are you wearing a Burglar's Ring by any chance? If not, I'm not sure about the source of 3 cinder shards dropping. The relevant code is Objects.BreakableContainer::releaseContents and the object ID for cinder shard is 848. margotbean (talk) 18:27, 25 September 2022 (UTC)

Songs playing on any level of the Dungeon

Since of our Soundtrack page says that "Molten Jelly" plays on floors 1-4 and "Forgotten World" on 6-9 really confuses me because when we play, no matter what floor we're on, any of the two different songs play regardless of floor. Is this in the game code? Feel free to jump in for research. 9000 (talk) 8:58, 11 April 2023 (UTC)

End of the Dungeon

Hello. Shouldn't this Volcano Dungeon page (and the Ginger Island page, for that matter) contain the fact that once you reach the top of the volcano (floor 10) there will be a chest containing one Prismatic Shard as a reward? And that this is a one-time reward that is not repeatable (If you can get multiple shards is a question that has come up on r/StardewValley). I could not find this information about the Prismatic Shard on either page. I did, however, find this statement on the Prismatic Shard page, "One in a chest at the top of the Volcano Dungeon the first time the player arrives there." Thank you. Carpediem (talk) 18:38, 17 August 2023 (UTC)

I think the highlight of the Volcano Caldera is the Forge, where multiple Prismatic Shards are needed. Having one to get you started is a plus, which is mentioned on the Prismatic Shard page, as you said.
The bug about obtaining multiple prismatic shards hasn't been reported on the forums, so it's unverified. Using mods or less-than-legitimate copies of the game can cause oddities like that. margotbean (talk) 19:53, 17 August 2023 (UTC)
Thank you for your speedy response. I agree, the forge is the highlight of the Caldera. However, in the Passage Through the Dungeon section and just before the sentence, "There is also an open doorway in the southwest corner of floor ten..." it might be helpful to state something to the effect of, "Upon reaching floor 10, the player is rewarded with 1 Prismatic Shard contained in a treasure chest the first time the player arrives there." since they may not be checking, or know to check, the Prismatic Shard page, in conjunction with finishing the Volcano Dungeon, if they do not know this reward chest exists. Just for the sake of completeness. Thanks again. Carpediem (talk) 21:01, 17 August 2023 (UTC)
Seems perfectly reasonable. I'll add it to the page. Have a lovely weekend! margotbean (talk) 14:22, 18 August 2023 (UTC)