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This template automatically populates the description for several items.


The name of the item in English (or the item ID from Content\Data\ObjectInformation.xnb).


Enter the following:

{{Description|''item name''}}
{{Description|''item number''}}


{{Description|Wild Horseradish}}

...results in

A spicy root found in the spring.

{{Description|Prismatic Shard}}

...results in

A very rare and powerful substance with unknown origins.


...results in

A relative of the catfish that eats a variety of foods off the lake bottom.


These take a second parameter, the name of the item in the wiki's native language.

{{Description|Recipe|Lucky Lunch}}
{{Description|Blueprint|Stone Brazier}}

Spanish Example

In Spanish, for example, this would look like:

{{Description|Recipe|Almuerzo de la suerte}}
{{Description|Blueprint|Brasero de piedra}}

...which would result in

Receta para cocinar «Almuerzo de la suerte»

Planos para fabricar «Brasero de piedra»

Chinese Example

In Chinese, this would look like:


...which would result in

一个用于制作 幸运午餐 的配方

用于制造 石头火炬 的设计图


This template was created to assist in translating the wiki from English into other languages. In other languages, this template allows the item name to be in English or in the other language.

Items from the following data files are included:

  1. Data\BigCraftablesInformation.xnb
  2. Data\Blueprints.xnb
  3. Data\Boots.xnb
  4. Data\Hats.xnb
  5. Data\ObjectInformation.xnb
  6. Data\weapons.xnb
  7. Data\Furniture.xnb (Catalogue & Furniture Catalogue names)
  8. Strings\Objects.xnb (Catalogue & Furniture Catalogue descriptions)
  9. Data\FarmAnimals.xnb (name of Void Chicken)
  10. Strings\StringsFromCSFiles.xnb (tools, furniture, wallpaper, flooring, animals, recipes, blueprints)