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This template is used to provide a template that displays an infobox for fishpages


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant page.

{{Infobox fish
|name        =
|eng         =
|image       =
|description = 
|location    =
|source      = 
|time        = 
|season      = 
|weather     = 
|difficulty  =
|behavior    = 
|fl          =
|size        =
|xp          = 
|price       =
|edibility   =
|quality     =
|iridium     =
|roe         =


{{Infobox fish
|name        = Fish name (optional - set to {{PAGENAME}} if omitted)
|eng         = English fish name - only necessary on non-english wikis
|image       = Fish image (optional - set to name or eng if omitted)
|description = In-game item description (optional -- populated by Template:Description if omitted)
|location    = Where the Fish is found
|source      = How to obtain the fish, other than fishing pole
|time        = What time range the fish is found in
|season      = What season(s) the fish can be found (e.g., Summer / Winter)
|weather     = What weather the fish can be found (e.g., Rainy)
|difficulty  = Difficulty level of the fish.  Auto-populates Fishing XP section, too, for fishing-pole fish
|behavior    = Behavior type of the fish (described on Fish page)
|fl          = Required fishing level
|size        = Size range of the fish in INCHES (even on non-english wikis; autoconverts to cm as necessary)
|xp          = XP points (and type of XP).  Only for non-fishing-pole fish
|price       = Base price of the fish, no star
|edibility   = Base edibility of the fish, no star
|quality     = Qualities (normal,silver,gold,iridium) of fish to show in health/price displays (Optional)
|iridium     = Set this to 'true' to add iridium sell prices, health, and energy
|custom_price= Set with a template call to Infosection price to overwrite standard price section.
               See Salmonberry for an example.
|roe         = Set this to the color of the Roe (matching the filenames in Category:Roe images) to add 
               a section showing roe, aged roe, and prices
|hideprice   = Qualities (normal,silver,gold) to hide from sell price section (DEPRECATED) - use quality
|healq       = Energy/Health qualities to show (normal,silver,gold)  (DEPRECATED) - use quality
               Use this parameter to suppress qualities that are not specified