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This template is used to provide an infobox for locations.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant page. Do not use this on your user page. It is reserved for content pages.

{{Infobox location
|name      = 
|mapx      =
|mapy      =
|building  =
|openhours =
|closed    =
|address   =
|width     =
|occupants =
|island    =


{{Infobox location
|name      = Location name (defaults to pagename)
|mapx      = The image's X coordinate
|mapy      = The image's Y coordinate
|building  = The image name, minus the File:
|openhours = The hours the store is open
|closed    = The days the store is closed
|address   = Location
|width     = Override the default width of the image (optional)
|occupants = NPCs that live in the location, using [[Template:NPC]]
|island    = true (Optional, will display the map with Ginger Island inset)