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  • need to remove switch on namespace for default case to work, but this creates redlinks in all languages OTE


This template overlays one image on top of another. It can be called directly, but is also used by Template:Recipe and Template:Quality.


Parameter Required Notes
First (unnamed) parameter Yes Name of background image (without extension such as .png)
type Yes Type of foreground image.
Valid values: Aged Roe, Dried Fruit, Honey, Jelly, Juice, Pickles, Recipe, Star, Wine
All values other than star are used to produce an image, and are case-sensitive.
width No Desired display width of background image (do not include "px")
Valid values: 48, 36, 32, 24 (other values will be accepted, but may produce undesired results)
Default value: 24
quality No If type=star, this parameter specifies the quality star to use.
Valid values: 4, Iridium, 2, Gold, 1, Silver, 0. (Case insensitive)
If type=star and this parameter is omitted, quality is assumed to be normal/base (no-star) quality.
This parameter should be omitted for any type other than star.
center No If the image is to be displayed in a table cell, then setting center=true will center the image inside the cell.


Template Call Result
Silver Quality Icon.png
Gold Quality Icon.png
{{Overlayimg|Fish Stew|type=Recipe}}
Fish Stew.png
Recipe Overlay.png
{{Overlayimg|Autumn's Bounty|type=Recipe|width=48|center=true}}
Autumn's Bounty.png
{{Overlayimg|Wicked Statue|type=Recipe|width=36|center=true}}
Wicked Statue.png
Recipe Overlay.png