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This template creates a link to a Stardew Valley version in the Version History.


The template supports a few formats:

use case code output
latest stable version {{version}} 1.4.5
latest beta version (if any) {{version|beta}} 1.4.5
specific version {{version|1.3.28}} 1.3.28
specific version with link text {{version|1.3.28|1.3}} 1.3

It recognises a few version aliases for convenience:

alias mapped to current value
stable latest stable version 1.4.5
beta latest beta version 1.4.5
1.2 latest version in the 1.2 branch 1.2.33
1.3 latest version in the 1.3 branch 1.3.36

Finally, you can disable the link like {{version|link=0}}: 1.4.5.