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About Me

Hiya! I'm Ac! I Played Stardew Valley A Lot (over 300 hours) In the game, I am currently Married to Harvey I Am now making fan-made stories of My love story with Harvey So What Does Ac Mean? Well It's the Acronym of my Real Name (Abigail Janine Castillo) I Dated all the marriage candidates so that I can see and know who they really are but I Have NO Plans of marrying them Except for One Abigail! She's The Most Interesting Girl I've Ever Met But since same Sex gender Marriage Is Prohibited so I'm Just Befriending Her In the game, I currently have two Children Harvey Jr. And Angel Before them I had two kids again Michael And Anna I Prismatic Sharded Them since I want to have kids again

Believe It Or Not, Harvey is the best husband ever because he's always giving Me Complete Breakfast(which restore a lot of health and energy and also give you Max Energy and +2 Farming I'm a new User Here I Supervise In Editing And Adding Trivia into every NPC

I gave the Mermaid's Pendant to Harvey on the 3rd of Spring Year 5 And Got Married On The 6th Of Spring

I Was Married To Elliott Before but I Started Losing interest on him and so I Divorced Him and Married Harvey My Relationship with Elliott Lasted For 2 Years On the 27th of Fall Year 2 I Married him and started losing my interest with him while he was with Leah At the Flower Dance I Divorced Him on The 26th of Fall Year 4 and got separated On our Anniversary Day

Well I Can't Say My Marriage Life Was the Best but I Am Trying to fix it

If You Want to ask me about anything you may send your questions to [email protected]

In the game, I Am friends with every Villager

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All right then see you at my Ac Page!

Emotions of my husband Harvey!

Harvey Blush.png Harvey.png Harvey Happy.png Harvey Concerned.png Harvey Neutral.png Harvey Flustered.png Harvey Headphones.png Harvey Headphones Surprised.png Harvey Surprised.png Harvey Earbuds.png

More Images!

Harvey's room

Marriage ceremony