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About Me

I have recently started Stardew Valley Speedrunning. Currently I only produce low resolution videos with no commentary, but am in the process of building a PC which will allow me to stream. I am a computer programmer by day, and I enjoy digging into the code of the game.

While investigating different mechanics related to my routing, I add my discoveries to the wiki.

Reference example[1]

To Do

  • Add Crow chances/mechanics


Every night, there is a chance that crows will steal your crops[2]

For every 16 crops (rounded down), a crow may try to steal a crop. This is maxed at 4 crows.

Each crow has a 30% chance of attempting a steal. A crow attempting a steal will try 10 times to find an eligible crop. A crow takes a random tilled tile on the farm. (Note: This is done after overnight untilling[3]) If this tile contains a live crop that has grown beyond seeds, the crow will stop looking. If the crop is in range of a scarecrow, the crow will be scared off. Otherwise the crow will steal the crop.


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