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I've been around here now since 31 Dec 2016, at 17:31 (UTC), and I'm going to expand my page a little with a series of collapsible notes. They're made to suit me mostly, to capture some thoughts and put them in order. But I word some of them as if I am telling someone else (like you) about them. May they prove useful, entertaining, or enjoyable to any of you who may read them. 06:39, 6 November 2018 (UTC)


Name for a Horse 
I've been pondering what I might call my next horse. I'm gravitating towards Badger.

Why? Badger is a horse character in the book All Things Bright and Beautiful (Chapter 19), by the famous vet-author James Herriot (pen name for James Alfred "Alf" Wight) of Thirsk, Yorkshire, England. Perhaps fictional, perhaps real, more likely a composite representative of reality, Badger was a draught horse of the late days before the tractor took over that farm work for good. The story is set in 1942 in all likelihood, for he is already married (Nov '41) but Helen is not yet with child with son James (born Feb '43). Badger is the last horse of a Yorkshire farmer Herriot names Mr Gilling, where 20 used to live and work, attended by horse-loving farm worker Cliff Tyreman. In his late twenties (old age for a horse), Badger contracts tetanus after a re-shoeing and must be put down, perhaps Herriot's way of expressing the finality of the passing of the age of draught horses. I like the story a lot, and the affection with which it is written has rubbed off on me. "Badger" stands for an amiable horse I would love and enjoy working with, much as the people in the story did. 07:22, 6 November 2018 (UTC)

An Irritating Bug in v1.3 
Along the passageway from the farm to Cindersap Forest, the two southern-most tiles have locations <X>40</X><Y>64</Y> and <X>41</X><Y>64</Y>. I like to pave a pathway there in cobblestones, but the bug prevents me from placing a flooring on the west tile, and the east tile is problematic also.

So, I first pave the tiles just to their north (Y=63), save the day, and make a backup copy of the game files. Now you can edit the original (if you dare! this is not for the uninitiated!). Use a bare application that records no formatting information. (In Windows, use Notepad.) Formatting metadata would make the file unloadable, for the game does not expect it.

Now, open the game file with the nine-digits in its name and search for tile 41,63 (string <X>41</X><Y>63</Y>). The location is embedded within an item construct (<item> ... </item>). Select and copy the entire item to another text file, then copy it again (make a second copy). In the copy, change the location ids to the unpavable locations. Then select and copy the altered text (into the Windows buffer). Go back to the game file and place the cursor immediately after the item for location 41,63, then paste the altered text there. Save the edited game file. Now load the game again and travel to the Cindersap Forest entry point. It should be paved just like the tiles to the north.

CAUTION: If you search for tile 40,64 before editing, you will find a "Large Terrain Feature" there, a Bush of size 2. That tile is not on the farm, but on one of the other game maps. Coordinates are unique only within each map. So don't try to alter that one. Search the file from its beginning. The farm map comes first. Farm tiles that have nothing on them are not listed, and hence are not found when searched for. Farm tile 40,64 is not found, which is why the other one is. Searching for tile 41,64 should give a "not found"-type reply, for that is apparently empty on all maps. However, I have chosen the standard farm map for this example, and perhaps other choices could give you different results. 21:51, 6 November 2018 (UTC)