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Stardew Fan. Played through the game 4 times, ~550 hours clocked.

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Regular Schedule
11:00 AM In his bed.
11:30 AM Gets out of bed and moves to his computer.
12:30 AM Leaving his room to go to the kitchen.
1:00 PM On his computer.
9:00 PM Leaving his room to go to the kitchen.
9:30 PM On his computer.
2:00 AM Goes to bed.


360 A.png 360 B.png 360 Back.png 360 Dpad.png 360 Left Stick.png 360 LT.png 360 Right Stick.png 360 RT.png 360 Start.png 360 X.png 360 Y.png 360 LB.png 360 RB.png

PS4 Circle.png PS4 Cross.png PS4 Dpad.png PS4 L1.png PS4 L2.png PS4 Left Stick.png PS4 Options.png PS4 R1.png PS4 R2.png PS4 Right Stick.png PS4 Square.png PS4 Touch Pad.png PS4 Triangle.png

Switch A.png Switch B.png Switch Dpad.png Switch LB.png Switch Left Stick.png Switch Minus.png Switch Plus.png Switch RB.png Switch Right Stick.png Switch X.png Switch Y.png Switch LT.png Switch RT.png

use left-click to
use Left-Click.png to