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Hey, I'm Ellen. Been playing Stardew since 2017 and with these unprecedented times I spend too much time on the computer and realized I could help out with 1.5 updates/other organization. I play on PC without mods. I never really used the wiki in my playthroughs, but after a recent Terraria playthrough where I leveraged the wiki a TON I realized what a game wiki could bring to the table.

My "coding" experience: I learned basic HTML from Neopets in 2006 LOL

Please feel free to message me if you're curious/concerned about a change I've made. (Of course, revert as needed - I'm just trying to build up my presence here, so knowing why something is reverted would help :D).

to do

  • Gold Clock/Ginger Island
  • Island Field Office fossil specifics
  • Artifact Spot chances
  • Island North Cave forage
  • Qi bean frequency
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