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About Me

Wiki moderator since before time began. If you'd like to ask wiki-related questions, leave a note on my talk page.

Although I am a mod for the wiki in all languages, I speak primarily English (and a wee bit of French), so I may have made some blunders in languages other than English. Don't be afraid to fix those! Just please stick to in-game translations wherever possible.

Basic mediawiki reference pages

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It's there for a reason. Use it!! I promise, it won't bite.

Interlanguage Links

If you edit a page, they look like this:


These links show up in the left sidebar, under "In other languages". If you're translating a page, be sure to add the english link [[en:Beer]] and remove the link for the language you're translating into.

Villager Schedules

Overall...are an objective mess. Yep, I'm aware. No, I haven't figured out the best solution for fixing them. Yes, I've looked at the game code. No, I'm not really up for creating a program to run through it with full accuracy.

If you play on PC, there's a mod for that anyway.

There's also this utility:, recently updated for v1.4.

To Do

  • Remember not to make "to do" lists. ...OK, my personal "to do" list has over 300 items, some of them from 2017, but I'll get to it eventually.
  • For translators:

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