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About Me

Wiki moderator since before time began. I don't know everything, but I may know some things. Don't be afraid to ask wiki-related questions on my talk page!

Although I am a mod for the wiki in all languages, I speak primarily English (and a wee bit of French), so I may have made some blunders in languages other than English. Don't be afraid to fix those! Just please stick to in-game translations wherever possible.

My favorite color is red, so I didn't want to create this page. I may delete it at any time.

I've made over 50,000 edits to the English wiki. (gasp!) Most of them were good. Some of them weren't. Almost none of them broke the wiki.  ;)

I won't always leave a note on your talk page, but if I've changed or reverted your edit, and you're upset, we can talk about it. Leave me a message on my talk page.

I got started editing the wiki because the gifting sections were a bit of a mess. I looked at the game code on and off for a month, and couldn't figure it out. (If you look at it, you may see why.) So, I copied the game code, and wrote a C# program to run through it. Once I understood it by stepping through it, I decided to overhaul the gifting sections of the wiki. Thus, a moderator was born.

I have a B.S. in Computer Science, but I found learning MediaWiki syntax to be surprisingly difficult, compared to programming languages. It's definitely got its quirks. Here are some of the more helpful reference pages:

Show preview button

It's there for a reason. Use it!! I promise, it won't bite.

Interlanguage Links

If you edit a page, they look like this:


These links show up in the left sidebar, under "In other languages". If you're translating a page, be sure to add the english link [[en:Beer]] and remove the link for the language you're translating into.

Villager Schedules

Overall...are an objective mess. Yep, I'm aware. No, I haven't figured out the best solution for fixing them. Yes, I've looked at the game code. No, I'm not really up for creating a program to run through it with full accuracy. Just thinking about the time and effort that would take makes me sleepy.

If you play on PC, there's a mod for that anyway.

There's also this utility:, although Elliott's schedule is not accurate there. (It is on the wiki.)

To Do

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